50 SW opens time capsule

 U.S. Air Force photo/Dennis Rogers The time capsule ceremony illustrated the wing’s priority of innovating space and cyber systems to stay ahead of the enemy by displaying how the wing has advanced, both technologically and structurally, over time.
U.S. Air Force photo/Dennis Rogers
The time capsule ceremony illustrated the wing’s priority of innovating space and cyber systems to stay ahead of the enemy by displaying how the wing has advanced, both technologically and structurally, over time.

By Brian Hagberg

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

The 50th Space Wing celebrated the 25th anniversary of its assignment to Schriever with a time capsule ceremony in the atrium of Building 210 Jan. 30.

“Fifteen years ago today, our predecessors buried a time capsule at the northwest corner of the building with instructions that it be opened today,” said Randy Saunders, 50 SW historian. “That day, 15 years ago, marked the 10th anniversary of the 50th Space Wing at Schriever Air Force Base.”

Each of the wing’s squadrons had placed something in the time capsule, most contributing at least a squadron coin and/or unit patch. Other items included group photos, unit/squadron descriptive articles, CD-ROMs and a commemorative 10th anniversary coin.

Col. DeAnna Burt, 50 SW commander, pointed out one of the unique characteristics of the contents.

“One thing I wanted to focus on, who is the 850th comm squadron,” she asked attendees. “They don’t exist anymore. We just put in that bucket a (3rd Space Operations Squadron) shirt, coin and patch. That squadron will soon be merging with (the 4th Space Operations Squadron). Our business is ever changing.”

Burt also pointed out the lasting impact current Team Schriever members can have on the future of space.

“Everybody in this room will put their mark on history as we move forward as a wing,” Burt said. “You do so much that you go day-to-day and may forget how much you do because it goes by so quickly. Again, you are making your mark on history every day at this wing, and I hope you understand that.”

While the previous contents of the time capsule will remain on display in the Building 210 atrium, the wing again asked each squadron to place a token or memento inside for re-interment.

“Just as our predecessors left us reminders of their time here at Schriever Air Force Base, so we will leave reminders for those who follow us,” Saunders said.

The commander said she chose one particular item for a specific reason.

“Two reasons I put the active shooter video CD in,” Burt said. “One, you’ve got cops wearing GoPros and you’ve got shooters wearing GoPros. Two, it’s a CD. Will they be able to read CDs in 2049? Think about technology in general, about where we are and where we’ve been. Technology does change and you guys are changing rapidly with it.”

The current time capsule will be unearthed June 1, 2049, the 100th anniversary of the wing.

Contents of the capsule buried in 2002:

• A signed photo of Operations Group staff

• 1st Space Operations Squadron: pamphlet, coin, patch and scarf

• 2nd Space Operations Squadron: scarf, patch, coin and documents

• 3rd Space Operations Squadron: CD-ROM, coin, patch, T-shirt and scarf

• 4th Space Operations Squadron: coin, patch and scarf

• 7th Space Operations Squadron: unit scarf, patches and disk

• 19th Space Operations Squadron: squadron scarf, patch, CD-ROM and documents

• 21st Space Operations Squadron: squadron coin and scarf

• 22nd Space Operations Squadron: ARTS IDF patch panel connector (network connection cable) and write-up

• 23rd Space Operations Squadron: squadron photo, patch, coin and scarf

• Civil Engineer Squadron: patch, coin, wing long-range plan brief, fire department patch and CD-ROM

• Wing Chiefs: Chief’s coin

• 50th Security Forces Squadron: coin

• 50th Operations Support Squadron: coin

• 850th Communications Squadron: coin

• Wing Plans: coin, staff roster and CD-ROM

• Joint National Integration Center: coin

• 50th Communications Squadron: patch cable

• Comptroller Office: group photo

• Chaplain’s Office: documents and calendars

• Services: glass tennis ball

• Health and Wellness Center: refrigerator magnet and stress ball

• Harris Corporation: letter

• Colorado Technical University: sports bottle and article

• Judge Advocate General: group photo

• 50th Space Wing 10th anniversary commemorative coin

Contents of the 2017 capsule:

• 50 SW commander: Commander’s coin, wing flying scarf, unit patch, decal, video of active shooter exercise

• 50th Force Support Squadron: David Cook show flyer and Green Dot pin

• 50 CES: Emergency Management Responses information

• 50th Contracting Squadron: Group photo

• 50 SFS: Squadron coin and personnel roster

• 50th Operations Group, Det. 1: coin and explanation of its Defense Meteorological Satellite Program mission

• 50 OG/OGV: coin and explanation of division responsibilities

• 1 SOPS: Disk containing photos and news relating to GSSAP

• 2 SOPS: Buck Rogers Decoder Ring, “Humanity” headband, squadron coin and 20-year patch

• 3rd Space Experimentation Squadron: unit patch and coin

• 3 SOPS: Photo of wing retreat, photo of WGS launch, WGS-8 launch commemorative pin, squadron T-shirt and coin

• 4 SOPS: unit coin, unit patch, squadron t-shirt, factsheets about the unit and its mission

• 50 OSS: group photo and article on initiation of courses under Space Training Transformation

• 22 SOPS: AFSCN Link Protection System coin and explanation

• 23 SOPS: Information packet on re-opening of Joe English Pond, which had been closed for 18 years

• 50 SCS: Hard drive with unit patch affixed

• 50 CPTS: Commander’s coin

• Safety office: Article on Space Safety

• Sexual Assault Prevention and Response office: Rubik’s cube puzzle

• Wing First Sergeants: 1st Sgt Creed and coin