By Caroline Dipping San Diego County is home to 18 state parks and beaches, not to mention dozens of city- and county-run outdoor venues. If the call of the wild (or suburban trail) beckons you this summer, you’re going to need a supply of quick fuel. Trail mix has... Read more
By Caroline Dipping Q: We ate at Donovan’s Steakhouse and couldn’t get over how delicious their au gratin potatoes were. They melted in my mouth. Would you happen to have or can you obtain their recipe? — Jennie Peeters, via e-mail A: Recently, we ran the recipe for Donovan’s... Read more
By Nina Garin “Ew, yucky.” Anytime I serve my preschool-aged daughters a lovely, home-cooked meal — whether it’s a fancy vegetable dish or mini cheeseburgers — that’s what they say. Not exactly the most encouraging words for anyone to hear, let alone someone as new to the kitchen as... Read more
By Caroline Dipping Q: My wife and I have always enjoyed Donovan’s Steakhouse in La Jolla, Calif. Their steaks are absolutely the best you can find, but we also really love their sautEed mushroom side dish. They’re so good, I honestly think I could eat those as a meal... Read more
By Tovin Lapan Chefs are artistic, passionate and slightly offbeat by nature. Their canvas is the plate. “I always say I can’t paint like the rest of my family, but my art’s on a plate,” says Hanis Cavin, executive chef at Kensington Grill. You need to watch only a... Read more
By Lori Weisberg When the slight chill of spring gradually gives way to the warmth of summer, thoughts and cravings turn to sun-soaked afternoons on the water, outdoor barbecues and, of course, the cooling comfort of ice cream. Sure, we can turn to our always reliable friends at Ben... Read more
ATTENTION COOKING CORNER EDITORS: THERE IS NO PHOTO ACCOMPANYING THIS WEEK’S COLUMN. THANK YOU. — CREATORS SYNDICATE By Caroline Dipping For Father’s Day, how about giving Dad a belt? A belt of cake, that is. Sean Allen is the bartender/baker behind Cake Buzz, a Los Angeles cakery that makes... Read more
By Caroline Dipping Chunky or smooth. Roasted or raw. Mouthwatering or mouth-searing. A bowl of salsa on a family table in Mexico is an essential part of the meal. It is spooned onto everything from breakfast eggs to dinner’s grilled steak, but as a dip for tortilla chips? Never.... Read more
By Caroline Dipping Dads, lend an ear. That goes for all you grandpas, uncles and big brothers, too. Sunday is Mother’s Day, and your assistance is requested in the kitchen. You are needed to help the younger set — tots from 5 to 9, tweens from 10 to 12,... Read more
By Peter Rowe Imagine a cramped, chaotic space full of knives, flames and frantic people. OK, now imagine someone peering into this purgatory — aka your typical restaurant kitchen — and thinking, “Let’s use this same place to cook meals for a second restaurant.” Crazy, right? No rational person... Read more