By Sarah Smiley I have sometimes had a love-hate relationship with the military. After 34 years as a dependent (I was born while my dad was on a 7-month deployment), this seems reasonable to me. Not everyone agrees. Military wives (forget the politically correct “spouse;” I’m a wife) should... Read more
By Sarah Smiley Last Monday I went to the grocery store, as I always do, to stock up on food for the week. By noon on Tuesday, most of what I had bought was gone. It is officially summer. If you need me, I will either be restocking the... Read more
By Sarah Smiley It was the top of the fifth inning. The wind had finally calmed down, except for an occasional breeze that threw pollen into the air. Because the sun was setting, the sideways light made the flying specks shimmer like fireflies. They flickered and rained down on... Read more
By Sarah Smiley Seven and a half years ago, we brought home a newborn baby Owen and moved Ford, then just 2 days past his second birthday, out of his crib and into a toddler bed. Only, our house was small, so the crib and the toddler bed were... Read more
By Sarah Smiley Last week’s column (“One Family’s Joy is Sorrow for Another”), and especially civilian readers’ reactions to it (“I don’t know how military spouses do it,” “It’s hard enough having my husband gone for a week!”) got me thinking about Dustin’s past deployments. On this Memorial Day... Read more
By Sarah Smiley My son argues that most New Englanders think Disney World encompasses the entire state of Florida. He’s too young to understand the lure of places like Miami and Key West. Still, he has a point. For five of the ten years that we lived in Florida,... Read more
By Sarah Smiley About six months ago, my husband, Dustin, and I rendezvoused in the gym parking lot to swap cars and childcare duties. I was on my way to a group fitness class; Dustin was on his way home from work. The kids waited patiently in their seats... Read more
By Sarah Smiley It’s been brought to my attention by several sources (none of them Owen or Lindell) that I write about Ford more than I write about my other two boys. I’d like to correct that today. But first, the idea that I haven’t written about Lindell lately... Read more
By Sarah Smiley There are certain images held in my memory like a snapshot. If my mind wanders over these pictures, I might spontaneously cry. So I keep them tucked away, and someday, when my children are grown, I know they (the images) will torture me. Most of the... Read more
By Sarah Smiley Four years ago, I wrote a column about Ford, then 5-years old, playing baseball. Only, it wasn’t real baseball. It was tee-ball. And lest you think 5 is too young to play anything that even resembles baseball, by local standards in what was then our hometown... Read more