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Leadership honors cadet academic Aces

(Photo by Dave Armer) Cadet Aces gather recently to be honored by Academy leaders.

(Photo by Dave Armer) Cadet Aces gather recently to be honored by Academy leaders.

Courtesy Academy Spirit

Dean of the Faculty Brig. Gen. Dana Born hosted a remarkable group of cadets at her quarters last week. Joining her in honoring the fall semester “Dean’s Aces” (4.0 semester grade point average) were the superintendent, vice superintendent, commandant of cadets, athletic director, character and leadership chair, and command chief. Of 4,497 members of the Cadet Wing, only 24 cadets earned an A in every class, including physical education.

The list below gives the names of all Aces. Five classes were represented, as well as several intercollegiate athletes and high-ranking members of the cadet chain of command. The list encompassed 13 different majors including three from Aeronautical Engineering, and two each from Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Biochemistry.

Six Aces attended the U.S. Naval Academy last semester as exchange students and one Ace joined the Long Blue Line, following in the footsteps of his father (’85 USAFA graduate). Several Aces earned previous recognition, with Cadet 1st Class George Sondecker becoming only the fourth quadruple Ace. C1C Brad Dewees, C1C Jeremy Didier, C1C Katharine Kalamaroff, and Cadet 2nd Class Nicholas Carter are three-time Aces, while C1C Adam Comer and Cadet 3rd Class Eric Robinson earned recognition as two-time Aces.

Among the five graduating with the Class of 2009, one will report to pilot training, two will become developmental engineers, one will serve as a physicist, and one will become an intelligence officer.

During the course of the event, General Born commented on the remarkable accomplishments of the cadets not only in academics but in military training, professional obligations, and athletics. Eighteen are on the superintendent’s list (having earned the dean’s, commandant’s, and athletic director’s pins), and five others are on the commandant’s list. Additionally, five of the ACES participated in intercollegiate sports and two held group-level positions last semester.

Following the dinner, Quadruple Ace C1C George Sondecker commented that he greatly appreciated the Deans’ support and the support of the Academy’s permanent party.  He further said, “It is always a tremendous privilege to be a part of such a talented group of cadets.

Cadet 4th Class Dustin Hayhurst said, “I greatly enjoyed listening to the stories told by the senior leadership and I had a wonderful evening.”

C4C Riley Livermore expressed similar thoughts saying, “I had an enjoyable time talking with the senior leadership,” and, “It was a wonderful experience that I hope to do again.”

These cadets truly epitomize “Excellence in all we do” as tremendous role models, and as future leaders of character for the Air Force and the nation.

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