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Tierra Vista continues progress in new housing area

(Courtesy photo) Construction continues on Johnston Street in the new base housing area here March 5. Since October 2008, 51 of the houses have been framed, forming the new neighborhood.

(Courtesy photo) Construction continues on Johnston Street in the new base housing area here March 5. Since October 2008, 51 of the houses have been framed, forming the new neighborhood.

By Meryl Large

Actus Land Lease

Since breaking ground last year, Schriever’s Airmen have witnessed the vision for Tierra Vista Communities turn into a reality. As the first on-site housing project for Schriever AFB, Company Grade Officer and Junior Enlisted homes are the first homes under construction.

In October 2008, Actus Lend Lease, the developer for Tierra Vista Communities, poured the first foundation at Schriever AFB. Since then, foundations for more than 70 CGO and JNCO homes have followed suit. There are 51 framed homes currently forming the new neighborhood with 22 homes undergoing initial plumbing and electrical installation, four homes receiving drywall, seven homes receiving insulation, and two receiving interior trim to include baseboards, doors and window sills.

With sustainability as a core value, Actus has implemented the most modern and efficient construction techniques and processes into every aspect of Tierra Vista’s design. Innovative programs include the installation of tankless water heaters, which are up to 30 percent more energy efficient than gas water heaters and up to 50 percent more energy efficient than an electric water heaters, and the use of spray foam insulation.

Tankless water heaters are a feature which will be included in every home built on base. The use of this system conserves energy over time by not constantly heating water throughout the day and night. Instead, the water is heated only when needed.

As a major way to reduce energy loss, spray foam insulation virtually eliminates the issue of air infiltration, which causes cold spots throughout the house. This state-of-the-art technology also allows attic space to be unvented, reducing heat loss in the cold Colorado winters. Fiberglass insulation called sound batts, are also installed as a way to reduce noise in areas like laundry rooms and kitchens and create a better sound quality throughout the home.

Once complete, the Airmen and families of Schriever AFB will enjoy 242 new luxury and ENERGY STAR compliant homes. Tierra Vista Communities is expecting to release the first series of new company grade officer and junior enlisted homes by Summer 2009.

About Tierra Vista Communities:

Tierra Vista Communities is a 50-year partnership created between the Department of the Air Force and Actus Lend Lease through the Military Housing Privatization Initiative. Development commencement at Tierra Vista is scheduled to begin in 2008 with completion by 2013. Excelling at large, complex development projects, Actus Lend Lease works with institutional owners to create value and deliver exceptional returns. With more than 40,000 homes in its portfolio, Actus Land Lease has created and built sustainable, integrated communities on some of the nation’s largest military bases. Among these are: Army Hawaii, Oahu, Hawaii; Parris Island, South Carolina; Fort Hood, Texas; Camp Lejeune, North Carolina; Hickam AFB, Oahu, Hawaii and Fort Drum, New York. Actus, part of Lend Lease Retail and Communities, is a subsidiary of the Lend Lease global family, which includes Bovis and Delfin Lend Lease. Actus Lend Lease is headquartered in Nashville, Tenn. Actus Lend Lease employs more than 700 people nationwide.

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