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Commander encourages wing to aim for “higher ground” during inspections

(Air Force photo by Craig Denton)  Col. Jay Raymond, 21st Space Wing commander, congratulates Tech. Sgt. Ed Satterfield and Sergeant Satterfield's wife, Gwen, (right), after awarding Sergeant Satterfield the Bronze Star Medal at the March 10 commander's call.

(Air Force photo by Craig Denton) Col. Jay Raymond, 21st Space Wing commander, congratulates Tech. Sgt. Ed Satterfield and Sergeant Satterfield

by Thea Skinner

21st Space Wing Public Affairs

“What we do in life echos in eternity” – the “Gladiator” movie video phrase shouted before knights enter into combat, emanated within the walls of the base auditorium during the morning Commanders Call March 10.

The 21st Space Wing briefing came days before the start of the month-long Operational Readiness Inspection, known as ORI, conducted to evaluate and measure the ability of units to perform assigned operational missions. At the same time, the Compliance Inspection, known as CI will also occur. The purpose of the CI is to ensure regulations and instructions are being adhered to by Air Force personnel.

“The ORI assesses daily operations,” said Lt. Col. Robert Widmann, 21st Space Wing Inspector General. “Inspectors are going to be on base daily.”

Col. Jay Raymond, 21st SW commander, briefed the wing on professionalism, not simulating and using references during the inspections.

“I am going to ask you to run hard for a month,” said Colonel Raymond. “I am really proud of how far we have come in the last year. I know how far you have come.”

Professionalism key to fair rating

Professional responses to the inspector general and their teams of assessors is the highest priority of the commander. Personnel may obtain a fair rating by upholding their professional responses.

“Professionalism is the higher ground,” Col. Raymond said.

Prevent “calling wolf” by non simulation

Some inspection situations require simulation and others do not. When a scenario requires a call to emergency personnel, phoning 911 and the emergency management system on a base “land phone” is crucial to prevent calls to actual civilian emergency responders.

“Do not simulate,” Col. Raymond said. “Play hard with a full sense of urgency. You are going full court.”

Reference material aids in responses

Using reference material including continuity books, check lists, and readiness guides aid in adhering to correct procedures.

“Use your references. Do not shoot from the hip,” Colonel Raymond said. “The greater we can share information the better we can prevent write-ups.”

The inspections begin March 18 for the 13th Space Warning Squadron and March 20 for other units, and continues through April 20.

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