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Suicide prevention training mandatory for supervisors

By Chaplain (Capt.) Chris Underwood II

50th Space Wing Chaplains office

On April 29, 2008, Gen. Robert Kehler, Air Force Space Command commander, sent an e-mail expressing his concerns following the death of two of our very own Airmen who committed suicide. He explained, “As Airmen, we share a wingman culture where it is part of our mindsets and habits to link with and look out for one another.” He also emphasized that “suicide prevention is a wingman responsibility and every member of our AFSPC team has a leadership role to play.”

As a result of his passion on this subject, General Kehler directed all supervisors complete the Air Force Suicide Prevention Program Frontline Supervisors Training to help you recognize and act to help prevent a potential tragedy.

Following this e-mail on Sept. 17, 2008, Maj. Gen. Thomas Deppe, AFSPC vice commander, sent out a memorandum stating the importance of helping our Airmen and their families. In this memo he stated, “We must be committed to providing our personnel with the necessary tools to help those who may need assistance.” He directed that the Community Action Information Board Integrated Delivery Systems to spearhead this program and ensure all supervisors attend this particular training.

The IDS/People Helping People Team for Schriever has been delegated the challenge of providing FST to all supervisors on base or those that will soon be supervising.

The original FST session was meant to be a four-hour training program. However, leadership approved of a shorter, two-hour version.

The first large-scale training session was held on Wingman Day in which there were 10 training sessions held in 10 different locations, both inside and outside the restricted area.

The IDS team will be conducting two more training days March 27 and April 16.

All supervisors are required to preview the FST Power Point slides on the Sharepoint Web site at https://schrieversp/PhP/default.aspx prior to attending the training.

For more information, contact Chaplain (Capt.) Chris Underwood II at 567-3705 or by e-mail at

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