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50th Comptroller Squadron unveils online PCS voucher, e-finance programs

By Scott Prater

Schriever Sentinel

In processing at Schriever just got a little easier.

Airmen making a permanent change of duty station can now file their PCS vouchers electronically, saving time and effort, at least during one portion of their in-processing procedure.

“Before, people would give us a hard copy voucher and we would then process it,” said 50th Comptroller Squadron Financial Services Officer 1st Lt. Michael Burns. “Now, not only will members be able to file those PCS vouchers online, but they also won’t have to attend the finance portion of the in-processing briefing.”

The new procedure has been implemented Air Force Space Command wide and Lieutenant Burns says it offers several advantages.

“Besides eliminating the finance briefing, the new electronic software will guide customers through their PCS in-processing by presenting an interactive interview session,” Lieutenant Burns said. “The new software will explain PCS entitlements and be tailored to fit the customer’s unique situation.”

The new program is intuitive. In other words, customers aren’t forced to answer any questions that don’t apply to them.

The finance office is encouraging people to have their common access cards registered at Schriever as soon as possible to minimize time spent waiting for reimbursement of travel related expenses. This initial step also allows people the ease and flexibility of filing their PCS documents from anywhere.

“Once a package is completed it can be electronically sent to the finance office where it will be forwarded to the central processing center for payment,” Lieutenant Burns said.

Following AFSPC guidance, the finance office initiated the system April 1, along with another program, E-Finance. E-Finance is designed to allow for the paperless submission of a variety of financial documents, such as state of legal residence, emergency pay and allowances, basic allowance for housing, basic allowance for subsistence, family separation allowance and advance pay.

Both systems serve active duty military and can be found at the following URL:

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