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‘Drowning Pool’ performs at Carson

“Drowning Pool” band members, from left, Stevie Benton, Ryan McCombs and C.J. Pierce, perform at Alternate Escapes Monday.

“Drowning Pool” band members, from left, Stevie Benton, Ryan McCombs and C.J. Pierce, perform at Alternate Escapes Monday.

Story and photos by Billie Garner

Fort Carson Public Affairs Office

The Mountain Post hosted “Drowning Pool,” an alternative rock band, at Alternate Escapes Monday.

The Texas rock band signed autographs during a meet-and-greet session and entertained fans with a short acoustic performance.

“I love it when famous people take time out of their busy schedules to do something like this. It really shows they care about Soldiers,” said Spc. Roger Sells, Company A, Warrior Transition Unit.

“I appreciate that ‘Drowning Pool’ did this because oftentimes, a band of this caliber would rarely offer such a performance,” said Joshua Still, Public Affairs Office legislative liaison.

The idea of a professional band just hanging out with fans joking and laughing became reality. “Drowning Pool” is an unrelenting group of artists. During its almost 15-year history, the band has endured the loss of its lead singer, Dave Williams, who passed away from heart disease in 2002, just one day after performing live at the Ozzfest in Indianapolis. The band carried on and in 2003, found Williams’ replacement, Jason “Gong” Jones, and in 2005, former SOiL singer, Ryan McCombs.

“There’s never been a point when we thought about stopping,” said C.J. Pierce, who plays guitar and sings with the band. He moved to Dallas in the mid-90s to form the band with Mike Luce, who plays drums and also sings, Stevie Benton, bass and vocals, and Williams, when they were all still in high school.

“This is the very least we can do for those who put their lives on the line,” said Benton.

“I grew up around it (the military) and we love doing this. Each one of us is pro-military and takes every opportunity to thank the military. This is our second time here on Fort Carson,” said Timmy McGugin, “Drowning Pool” Tour Manager.

There were many excited fans, both Soldiers and Families, eagerly waiting in a long line for more than an hour to get an autograph and a picture with the band members.

“We’re anxious to see them perform tonight at the World Arena,” said Bree Garner who was with her friend, Nikki Robledo.

“Getting an autograph is a connection you can have with the band and you know they are just average Joes like us,” said Shyla Martinez, another local high school student.

“I think the ‘Drowning Pool’ guys were really nice and it’s great of them to visit our military men and women,” said Chelsey Griggs, high school student and future Marine.

A big supporter of the military, “Drowning Pool” went on a USO tour through Iraq and Kuwait performing for the troops. The tour included one of their most popular songs, “Bodies,” from their platinum-plus debut album of 2001.

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