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Prep School graduates largest class ever

By Ann Patton

Academy Spirit staff


The Academy Preparatory School graduated 200 cadet candidates during commencement exercises Monday in Arnold Hall.

“It was the largest number of graduates in Prep School history and the most entering the Academy ever,” said Prep School Commander Colonel Todd Zachary.

The number of entering cadet candidates to the school last summer was 235.

“They came together as a team early,” Col. Zachary said of the class, noting the high degree of team spirit, expressed in such ways as homework help or being available when another was simply having a bad day.

Those receiving appointments during graduation exercises will enter the Academy June 25 to begin basic cadet training with the Class of 2013.

Prep School and Academy graduate Larry Funk, Class of 1968, the class’ exemplar, spoke to the new graduates, parents and friends.

The Vietnam veteran pilot addressed the issues of ego and ambition in relation to serving as Air Force officers.

“Ego, like ambition, is a double-edged sword,” he said.

While good ego can translate to a can-do attitude in such areas as academics, he said ambition may get in the way of true service.

“The pursuit of excellence is a lifestyle,” he said and added service is not to serve an individual ego but to serve the values of honor, dignity and freedom.

“Keep ambition and ego in perspective,” he said. “Do not strive for acclaim. Accept rank or valor for what it is. It is your job.”

New Prep School grad Philip Daniel Adjanba eyed the Air Force as a career early in life.

“I have wanted to be here since I was a toddler,” he said.

The resident of Charlotte, N.C., wants to become involved in flying, astronautical engineering and math.

While at the Prep School, he enjoyed being involved in the Academy community by helping with the Academy Youth Center and Community Center Chapel. He credits his sponsors, retired Col. and Mrs. Mark Fitzgerald, for his involvement.

Wisconsin residents James and Tricia Kons traveled to see their son graduate.

“I am really very excited,” Mr. Kons said. “For him to come from Wisconsin to come to this Academy is incredible.”

“It was a good experience,” graduate Ariel Miller said.

It was her first time being away from home for any length of time. Having a good squadron for support helped a lot.

The Louisville, Ky., resident wants to major in physics with a goal toward research.

“The Air Force has lots of opportunities in that area,” she said.

The highlight of former Cadet Candidate Miller’s Prep School stay was the transition exercise just prior to graduation.

“I was really glad I went through it. It was something to remember,” she said.

Prior to the presentation of diplomas and appointments, the Prep School honored its top achievers for the year.

The top performers for academics were Amanda Rodriguez for English, David Salinas for math, Ryan Aceves for science and Kim Cory for best overall in academics.

Hannah Bergstrom was honored as top performer in military training and Andrew Kacura-Miller for character development. Ilma Calite received top honors as female athlete and Matthew Underwood as top male athlete. Cole VonOhlen was honored as overall outstanding athlete.

The overall top performing cadet candidate is Scott Rice.

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