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Academy closely monitors H1N1 among basic cadets

By Academy Spirit Staff


Air Force Academy health professionals are continuing care for a number of basic cadet trainees who are exhibiting symptoms consistent with the Centers for Disease Control criteria for Influenza Like Illness.

To  date, 55 cadets are in isolation for ILI. Another 117 cadets have been released back to duty after receiving medical care at the Academy clinic.

All cadets are doing well, and none require hospitalization.

One hundred and three basic cadet trainees have tested positive for the H1N1 virus. The test results were received from the Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine Epidemiology Lab at Brooks City-Base, Texas, and then forwarded to the CDC.

Health officials stress that H1N1 flu behaves similar to typical seasonal influenza and emphasize the need to take standard seasonal flu preventive measures such as hand washing and cough etiquette.

The Air Force Academy is taking all necessary precautions to educate and safeguard military and civilian personnel, as well as family members, and is following Centers for Disease Control guidelines for treatment, testing and prevention and consulting with the CDC, Air Force Surgeon General and El Paso County Public Health Department.

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