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Demons claim 2009 BCT Field Day title

Tug of war was but one of Field Day events. Photo by Rachel Spencer

Tug of war was but one of Field Day events. Photo by Rachel Spencer

By Academy Spirit staff


In a day intended to give cadets an opportunity to test their skill, stamina, and physical fitness against one another in games and physical conditioning activities, the Demons Squadron came out victorious July 10 among the members of the Class of 2013.

According to Lt. Col. Chuck Schweiss, intramural division chief,  a comprehensive day of spirited competition was on the agenda.

“Our mission was to evaluate the Basic Cadet Summer Physical Education Program and to stimulate competitive spirit between cadet squadrons … and for them to have fun,” he said.

For some four hours the basic cadets rolled up their sleeves and demonstrated their mettle as they entered the weekend preceding their march out to Jacks Valley where their stamina and teamwork will be even further tested.

Activities of Field Day began with the march on and national anthem and ended with the Air Force Song. Sandwiched in between were many competitive events including: Tug-O-War; The Gauntlet (a new event this year); Steeple Chase; Airstrike; Guerilla Relays; Log Relay; Distance Run and much more.

Both Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Mike Gould and Commandant of Cadets Brig. Gen Sam Cox were present for the Class of 2013 showing basics their leadership is totally engaged in helping them succeed. The superintendent even joined in with other Academy leaders in some spirited Tug-of-War competition versus a basic cadet squadron.

Many cadets in charge also further enhanced their leadership skills by overseeing critical aspects of the day.

Each event was scored as follows: 100 points for first place; 80 points for fourth; 60 for third; 40 for fourth; and, 20 for fifth. The Demons claimed the Field Day Streamer  awarded to the squadron accumulating the most points based on the point system.

The new event this year, “The Gauntlet,” included each squadron represented by 16 participants (two men and two women on each team for four total teams). Basics started at the south end of the men’s rugby field by ascending a climbing wall obstacle on one side and descended on the other side once they have reached to top of the obstacle. Immediately after the wall, a team member threw a football to the person who just came off the wall. The basic then carried the football thru the next set of obstacles. Next they maneuvered through a foot ropes course. Each cadet was required to successfully place a foot in every square. Following the foot ropes, they ran through weighted heavy bags. Next they had to successfully clear a padded obstacle. They each had three attempts to dispose of the football carried through the previous obstacles. Then the basic executed a layup to a basketball hoop. Each had to make a basket. Guiding a soccer ball through three obstacles and successfully placing the soccer ball in the goal was next. Finally, basics sprinted toward the finish.

Officials report the Class of 2013 performed exceptionally and were well on the path to success prior to marching out to Jacks Valley for “2nd BEAST.”

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