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Clydesdales come to Carson

A horse handler hitches the last Clydesdale to the Budweiser beer wagon July 15.

A horse handler hitches the last Clydesdale to the Budweiser beer wagon July 15.

Story and photos by Rick Emert

Mountaineer staff

What could be better on a hot day than an ice-cold glass of beer?

Having that beer personally delivered by the Budweiser beer wagon and Clydesdale horses.

The Budweiser Clydesdales visited Fort Carson July 15 at the post exchange, drawing hundreds of Fort Carson Soldiers, Family members and civilian employees.

The horses arrived in three tractor-trailers, the sides painted with the Clydesdales pulling a beer wagon.

The horse handlers polished the turn-of-the-century beer wagon and then brushed and harnessed the horses before hitching them to the wagon for a stroll around the PX parking lot. The preparation took nearly 45 minutes for the four-hour visit.

“We do this so often that it’s not that challenging to get set up.

We have a system for how we do things; it’s not that complicated,” said Matt Anderson, horse handler.

The group gets a lot of practice setting up by visiting fairs, festivals and other military installations for most of the year, Anderson said.

“We’re here to say thanks to our troops and introduce them to the Clydesdales,” Anderson said. “We do this pretty much year round.

We left in the first part of February and get back home (Boonville, Mo.) by Thanksgiving,” he said.

The Mountain Post community seemed to appreciate their efforts.

“I think it’s nice that they come out and show the public something new and different,” said Cortney Green, Family member. “A lot of people probably haven’t been around horses before, so this is great for them. I grew up here and had plenty of chances to see horses. I love horses.”

Another Family member, Holly Gonzalez, said she had seen the horses many years ago in Tennessee, but seeing them this time meant more to her.

“It means a lot to me to have visits like this. It tells us that people are interested in and support the military and military Families,” she said.

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