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Peterson library offers resources for all ages

Peterson’s library is located in Building 1171 on Stewart Avenue. For more information, call 556-7462 or visit (Air Force graphic by Jennifer Brite)

Peterson’s library is located in Building 1171 on Stewart Avenue. For more information, call 556-7462 or visit (Air Force graphic by Jennifer Brite)

by Margie Arnold

21st FSS Unit Public Affairs Representative

Learning has expanded beyond the formal classroom and the 12 years of required public education. Learning is a life-long activity for some whose minds are curious, hungry for more. Whether you are interested in home schooling your children or expanding your own knowledge about a subject, the Peterson Library offers a host of resources to explore.

Family Literacy Kits

Shelved next to a big window in the children’s reading room are Family Literacy Kits, brightly colored backpacks that are self-contained resources for reading a particular book and supporting activities that explore its subject.

Each backpack is labeled with the title of the book inside, and each contains a book, a DVD of the book, and an activity sheet. Some, such as “Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters” or “Las bellas hijas de Mufaro” have an English and Spanish edition of the book, a DVD in both languages, plastic letters to spell words, a workbook and activity cards. The Family Literacy Kit for “The Milk Makers” has the book, DVD, sorting game and cards, plus a recipe for making a milkshake, and the one for “Germs Make Me Sick” has the book, DVD, magnifying glass and a “How Germs Are Spread” activity sheet.

While looking at books for young people, customers may check out a collection of award-winning books for children. Shelved together just outside the entry to the children’s reading room are the Newbery Medal winners, books awarded for their outstanding contribution to children’s literature, and Caldecott Medal winners, each recognized as a most distinguished American picture book for children.

Home schooling resources

The new home school/education collection offers Core Knowledge Sequence Content Guidelines for K-8, Text Resources, Grace Abounding — Core Knowledge Anthology of African-American Literature, Music and Art, The Complete Home Learning Source Book, Delta Education series, Beyond Phonics, Kindergarten Teacher Notebook, Core Knowledge Preschool, Ace Math, By the Numbers DVD series, The Human Condition, Realms of Gold — Core Knowledge readers, Personal Health & Wellness, and various home schooling resources.

The Great Courses — Library Edition

Lots of adults are returning to college these days, many to learn a new career; others out of a hunger for learning that lasts throughout their life. Inquiring minds want to know. The Great Courses are a spectrum of lectures on CD and DVD that are taught by highly regarded educators at prominent colleges and universities across the country.

Some examples include The American Identity by Professor Patrick Nallitt, Emory University; History of the Supreme Court by Professor Peter Irons, University of California at San Diego; Zero to Infinity: A History of Numbers by Professor Edward B. Burger, Williams College; Robert E. Lee and His High Command by Professor Gary W. Gallagher, University of Virginia; Art Across the Ages by Professor Ori Z. Saltes, Georgetown University; and The American Mind by Professor Allen C. Guelzo, Gettysburg College.

Peterson’s library is located in building 1171 on Stewart Avenue. For information, call 556-7462 or visit

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