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Airmen and Family Services celebrates season 5 of FitFactor

By Cheryl Jensen

50th Force Support Squadron

Air Force Airman and Family Services youth fitness and health initiative, FitFactor has enjoyed tremendous success in its first four years with more than 55,000 youth and teens registered in the program and participation on every Air Force base in each Major Command.

FitFactor was launched in October 2005 in an effort to encourage physical activity and healthy eating selections for youth between the ages of 6 and 18 years old. The FitFactor program stimulates interest and awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyle choices and encourages youth to Get Up, Get Out and Get Fit!

Acting U.S. Surgeon General, Rear Adm. Steven Galson stated, “By helping children engage in physical activity and healthy eating, parents, schools, teachers, businesses, and communities can serve as role models and together become a powerful force to protect our children’s health.”

FitFactor encourages youth to be physically active for at least sixty minutes each day through a variety of activities that range from household chores to games and team and individual sports. FitFactor promotes activities for every ability level and interest from star athlete to couch potato!

As we celebrate the Year of the Air Force Family, parents and Youth Programs staff are eligible to join in the FitFactor fun and log points with the children for being active and leading healthy lifestyles. Healthy habits start in the home and FitFactor encourages our Air Force Families and Youth Programs staff to be active each day and provide youth with a variety of fitness opportunities and healthy nutrition selections.

FitFactor offers six exciting levels for youth to complete as they participate in any physical activity and make healthy eating selections. Incentives are awarded to youth as they achieve each new level. In addition to having fund, earning rewards and getting fit, FitFactor also encourages youth to:

· Be physically active for at least sixty minutes each day;

· Make healthy eating and lifestyle choices;

· Include friends and family participation in fun physical activities and games;

· Limit the amount of screen time (television and computer) they log each day; and

· Adopt healthy exercise routines, including a broad range of physical and leisure-time activities.

It is important that we provide our youth the opportunity to be active every day, teach them to make informed nutritional choices and encourage a healthy lifestyle at all times. The effects will last a lifetime! The US Air Force Airman and Family Services program, FitFactor plays a major role in keeping our youth healthy and in shape as they Get Up, Get Out and Get Fit!

For more information and to register, contact Cheryl Jensen at (719)567-4742 or by email:

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