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50 SW completes 2009 fiscal year budget

Commentary by Capt. Capt. Steven Gilmore

50th Comptroller Squadron

Another fiscal year has come to a close here at the 50th Space Wing. Over $235 million in congressionally appropriated funds were spent in fiscal year 2009, which ran from Oct. 1, 2008, to Sept. 30, 2009. Fiscal law mandates that funds be spent within the fiscal year in which they were appropriated and 2009 was no different.

Although faced with the uncertainty that comes with new missions, new requirements, and an ever-shrinking pool of available resources, this budget was executed to the penny in coordination with a team of superb resource advisors and contracting specialists.

In an effort to meet the Sept. 30, deadline, aggressive steps, collectively known as “closeout” were taken by the entire 50th Space Wing team to maximize our available resources and eliminate any losses. This attention to detail and flawless execution made it possible for Schriever, along with its Geographically Separated Units, to be great stewards of our taxpayers’ resources to fund many requirements for the Wing’s mission and people.

This past August and September, the 50th Space Wing executed roughly $30M in six weeks toward many different aspects of the mission. As a result of prudent spending during the year, the wing was able to fund a diverse array of requirements addressing critical mission needs, security issues and quality of life initiatives both here at Schriever and its Geographically Separated Units worldwide. Specifically, $20 million was awarded for critical operation contracts in support of space and satellite operations worldwide and $3 million was allocated towards mission critical and safety requirements including a state of the art mass notification system enhancing the wing’s ability to conduct wing-wide pyramid recalls in the event of an emergency.

Several quality of life initiatives were funded to include an outdoor volleyball court and horseshoe pit, not to mention, continued, uninterrupted service in our award-winning dining facility. Lastly, the wing committed over $2 million in facility projects to improve the working conditions for the more than 6,700 military, civilians, and contractors serving at Schriever and 50th Space Wing operating locations worldwide.

None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the teamwork from all of the dedicated Airmen involved. Balancing a $235M budget takes committed organizations that make it their mission to work closely together in an effort to ensure resources are used prudently and properly. The new year brings new challenges and opportunities to the 50th Space Wing.

Although we are currently awaiting passing of the fiscal year 2010 authorization and appropriation bills, the 50th Space Wing will continue to defend the United States of America by providing combat effects from space and conducting expeditionary operations. Your financial managers in close coordination with the entire resource management and contracting teams of professionals will continue to work towards supporting that mission and fostering the sense of community that is the 50th Space Wing.

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