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General Snow Driving Tips

• Drivers need to adapt to slippery roads, so smooth driving and gentle use

of steering, brakes and throttle is important.

• Obey local speed limits in resorts, chain fitting bays and elsewhere.

• Obey parking signs. Cars parked incorrectly are vulnerable to damage from

snow ploughs or getting buried for winter.

• Drive cautiously with gradual pressure on the accelerator to avoid wheel


• Avoid unnecessary gear changes. Engage first or second gear on level ground before ascending or descending hills in snow or ice conditions.

• Use low gears on slippery & downhill roads. This includes automatic cars.

• This will allow you to use engine power to control the car’s speed.

• Brake gently. Front and rear wheels can lock easily. This may mean loss of

steering and control.

• Brake using short pumps on the pedal. This habit will help your wheels

maintain grip on the road.

• Avoid braking when cornering.

Keep well behind the vehicles in front, at least twice the normal distance.

e.g. If you normally keep a three second buffer to the car in front, increase it to

six seconds. This gives more room to react and move to avoid trouble in front.

• On reaching a snow covered section of road, gently apply your brakes to

get an idea of using them on snowy surfaces.

• Keep well away from snow clearing machines. It is often needed to reverse these machines and snow clearing operators may not be able to see you in drift or falling snow conditions. Also, the spectacular fountain of snow coming from the blowers may contain ice chunks and stones.

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