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Academy CFC finishes week at 96 percent

By Academy Spirit staff


“We are at 96 percent of the Academy’s goal, or $509,000,” said Academy Combined Federal Campaign project officer Capt. David Alaniz Thursday. “We just need 4 percent more to reach the goal.”

He is pushing hard for this last week to hit the goal.

Others have been doing the same. The 10th Air Base Wing commander and chief took a pie in their faces for the campaign.

The captain said there were too many lessons learned to count.

“I think picking the campaign team is essential,” Captain Alaniz said.  “We have excellent unit project officers, key workers, and a one of a kind finance officer. The Academy is extremely lucky to have this kind of dream team and should be proud of all their help and accomplishments. Having strong support from the leadership is important because they can make things happen. This campaign had support from the commanders down to the ‘dream team’ of workers. The cumulating force resulted in a solid campaign.”         

The captain believes the key to this success is the passion and determination from base leadership which is trickling down to all levels.

 “The resilience of the Academy was evident through the campaign’s start and as we are getting closer to reaching our goal of $530,000,” Captain Alaniz said. “Many fundraisers and events have been successful and are increasing in participation. Fun runs, pie in the face, chili cook offs, car washes, are just some of the examples of events that have taken place. Hats off to the men and women of the Academy. Thanks for helping others in their time of need.”

The 10 ABW is scheduled to hold a CFC carwash this weekend to help push the Academy over the goal line. The carwash will be held at the Part-day Enrichment Center located at 5150 Community Center Dr. Donations can benefit the specific CFC organization of your choice or it can go toward all CFC organizations. To volunteer or for more information, contact Diana Thrasher at 333-8264.

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