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Garrison recognizes civilian milestones

Earl Ross, Directorate of Public Works, performs administrative tasks Oct. 16 at DPW.

Earl Ross, Directorate of Public Works, performs administrative tasks Oct. 16 at DPW.

Story and photo by Devin Fisher

Mountaineer staff

Sixteen Fort Carson civilian employees were recognized for a combined 560 years of government service during the Oct. 13-14 garrison workforce brief at McMahon Auditorium.

Garrison Commander Col. Robert F. McLaughlin opened the Oct. 13 brief by honoring Earl Ross, Directorate

of Public Works for 45 years of service, and Duane Gregorich, Directorate of Human Resources, for 40 years.

McLaughlin said “it’s incredible to think that they have had an impact” on Soldiers and their Families for so many years. “My hat’s off to them to have that longevity.”

He said, “Giving out awards is critical in any organization; it’s absolutely important that people get recognized for their commitment and hard work. Everybody loves to be recognized in public and I think this is a great opportunity to recognize those who have done great things (for Soldiers and their Families) in front of their peers, bosses and subordinates.”

Ross, an administrative clerk in business operations, DPW, and Gregorich, a records manager in DHR, said they were honored to be recognized for their service time.

“Everybody needs a pat on the back,” said Ross, who retired from the Army with 20 years and has served 25 years as a civilian employee. “You need to let people know they are appreciated.”

He credits two factors for his longevity. “Number one is job security; number two is it’s all I know,” said Ross, who joined the military right out of high school.

“I never thought I would make it this long,” Gregorich said of his 40 years of service, 11.5 years of active-duty service and 29 years of civil service. “I enjoy working … and helping the military.”

In addition, McLaughlin handed out 14 other tenure awards – nine for 35 years, four for 30 years and one for five years of service; five Commander’s Awards for Civilian Service, two Achievement Medals for Civilian Service and a certificate of appreciation.

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