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Remembering and honoring our Veterans

Staff Sgt. D’ Ontay Roy, 50th Force Support Squadron

Staff Sgt. D’ Ontay Roy, 50th Force Support Squadron

Commentary by Staff Sgt. D’ Ontay Roy

50th Force Support Squadron

Veteran’s day is Nov. 11, and for all the soldiers, sailors, and Airmen resting in the eternal place of peace, we honor your service on this day, and will never forget your sacrifice.

We all come from different walks of life, backgrounds, creeds, religions, races and possess different principles, but the one thing we all have in common is our allegiance to this magnificent nation.

No matter what uniform we have worn throughout our history, the one thing that has remained constant is the United States of America patch we’ve all worn over our hearts.

Some of you have given the greatest sacrifice for our nation and for that we say thank you. Thank you for your blood, sweat and tears. This day is remembrance for some, but for those of us who wear and have worn the uniform, it is a rededication to the mission and the principles that this great nation was built upon.

The fortitude and diligence that has been betrayed from yester-year to now by all servicemen and women is a testimony to our unwavering dedication and call to duty.

Although I may have never met you, you are in my heart, you are me, I am you, and we are one. We are eternally connected and your legacy will never be forgotten.

For the mothers, daughters, sisters, granddaughters, aunts, nieces, cousins, friends, fathers, sons, brothers, grandsons, uncles and nephews who’ve paved and gave the way for today, we salute you.

Since 1776, there have been hundreds of instances of the deployment of United States military forces abroad and domestically. With every instance you fought for freedom, justice and equality. These principles which you defended and gave the ultimate sacrifice for at times may be taken for granted by some. But for you, you have been there, you have seen it, you have lived it. You have traversed through the depths of carnage and ascended as heroes.

There is no monetary reward for your sacrifices, nor enough handshakes or pats on the backs that can fill your heart enough to express gratitude. More than 43 million Americans have served this country while in uniform and more than 1.2 million and counting have given the ultimate sacrifice.

Although losing one comrade is one too many, their sacrifice no matter what battle was waged, was not in vain. For all those we’ve lost, you are not forgotten. You will continue to live, thrive and prosper through all who continue to wear the uniform of our great nation. So on this day, that has been made for our veterans past, present and future. I salute you!

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