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50th Space Wing Commander Holiday Message

The Wing King visits with Season Royalty during the Children’s Holiday party.

The Wing King visits with Season Royalty during the Children’s Holiday party.

Commentary by Col. Wayne Monteith

50th Space Wing Commander

Team Schriever, let me start by wishing you and your families Happy Holidays and by offering a sincere thanks for all you do every single day. I am profoundly grateful for the support of our friends, family and community throughout the year and we must not lose sight of that precious gift. Our success and our team’s ability to support our unique Air Force mission is a reflection of their confidence in us.

Everyone has done a great job this year. While our day to day operational mission requires us to deploy in place, Team Schriever also deployed more than 135 Airmen around the world this year. By filling our Air Expeditionary Force taskings as well as CONUS assignments, our Airman represented the warrior spirit in completing their mission. As you enjoy this holiday season please take time to remember those men and women who are serving away from families and friends. Our team is engaged in a daily campaign to defeat terrorism and maintain America’s freedom. Our increased efforts in Afghanistan and increased ops tempo worldwide show me and those who count on our global space effects your commitment, skill and determination. When deployed Airmen from your team return from theater, try your best to take part in saluting their service as they arrive at the Colorado Springs Airport. If you haven’t attended a homecoming at our local airport then you are missing something special.

This past summer we opened up our new housing community on Schriever AFB beginning with 2nd. Lt. Caleb and Christina Murphy moving into our first home. They have the unique honor of being the very first family to ever live on our base. We have continued to fill our available housing at a rate of ten houses a month. Soon the new community center with an indoor pool will be up and running and our sleepy commuter base will join the AF family of vibrant community installations.

Many of our Airmen and civilians have been recognized for their achievements through various awards this year. Competition is always tough at our wing, as nominees have demonstrated outstanding initiative, professionalism and productivity throughout the year. We salute not only the winners, but the supervisors and subordinates who have helped them reach such grand successes through the past year.

I also ask you to be vigilant around your work centers and take an active role in your subordinate’s holiday activities. During this season of giving, please remember to look out for our entire team. Keep in the back of your mind the acronym “ACE”. When addressing suicide prevention: Ask your wingman, Care for your wingman, Escort your wingman. Be aware of our teammates who may be having difficulties with relationships, legal or financial matters, or any other difficulties in their lives because the stress just seems to escalate during the holiday season. Be a good Wingman and a great leader.

Please take time to personally thank those who provide you with a service. Those like the great caregivers at our CDC who take special care of our children, the PCSI maintenance workers who tirelessly keep our facilities clean and ready to operate and your coworkers performing force protection duties on our gates checking I.D. cards every morning rain, snow or shine helping us get on base quickly and safely. There are countless others who make our daily lives a little bit easier. A heartfelt “thank you” will go a long way to making someone’s day a little bit brighter.

Finally, I want to remind you to be extra careful in your travels and celebrations during this holiday season. I need every member of “Team 50” to return to work after the holidays. As I’ve said before, I am proud to wear my nation’s uniform every day and I look forward to serving with you all in 2010.

Again, Gina and I wish you and your family a peaceful holiday season and a bright new year!

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