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Schriever offers free tax assistance program

By 50th Space Wing

Legal Office

It’s that time of year again…tax season! Starting Jan. 15, 2010, Let The Schriever AFB Tax Program help calculate your taxes and prepare your returns without costing you a dime. The program is being run in conjunction with the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. Tax assistance is available for Schriever AFB active duty, retired military and their dependents through unit VITA representatives.

The VITA program is for those with non-complicated tax returns. Federal and state tax returns can be e-filed through the VITA program resulting in faster refunds.

Individuals desiring tax assistance need to bring the following mandatory documents for their tax preparation: all W-2 Forms, all 1099 Forms, mortgage interest statements, information on child-care providers, information on IRA contributions, information on sale of stocks to include purchase information, bonds or mutual funds, information on alimony paid or received, receipts for charitable contributions, court orders for divorce or child custody dependent determination and power of attorney if filing for your spouse.

In accordance with VITA standards this service is not for individuals with more advanced needs than our training covers. Members with a private business with profits or losses more than $5000, more than one rental property or other advanced needs will need to make an appointment with a paid preparer.

Capt. Neal Rodak , Jan Pardalis and Betty Sansone’ are the Schriever AFB Tax Program POC’s and can be contacted at 567-5050.

The following volunteers have been trained and are qualified to assist in calculating taxes and preparing returns. Unit VITA volunteers may assist with state tax returns within their scope of experience and training. Call them to make an appointment for tax assistance.

1. Master Sgt. Jose Macias-Islas, 567-2955 Bldg # 400, 1 SOPS (inside RA).

2. William McIntyre, 721-9429, Building 720, Room 1104

3. Kimberly Wilson, 560-4106, 50 OPS, Building 300, Room 342 (inside RA).

4. Capt. Eric Doctor, 567-2815, 22 SOPS, Building 401, Room 143 (inside RA/SCIF)

5. 2nd Lt. William Westcott Jr, 567-5150, 1 SOPS/DOOC;

6. Senior Airman Michelle Juarez, 567-2309, 1 SOPS/DOX

7. 2nd Lt. Travis Moyer, 567-4379, 1 SOPS/DOUT

8. Capt. Gary Myrick, 567-5387, 17 TS, Bldg 440

9. Tech. Sgt. Kenneth Cooper, 567-2098, 50 SCS

10. Senior Master Sgt. Charles Hoag, 567-5542, 50 SCS

11. Staff Sgt. Nicole Bird, 567-6173, 50 SCS

12. 2nd Lt. Nathan Nordby, 567-5229, 4 SOPS, building 300 Rm 340 in DOUX

13. Airman 1st Class Peter Santaularia, 567-4919, 4 SOPS, BLDG 400, MOD 12, RM 9

14. Airman 1st Class Jimmy Quillen, 567-5033, 4 SOPS

15. Maj. Mike Worden, 567-5894, 595 OSS, Bldg 442, room 212

16. 1st Lt. Caitlin Diffley, 567-7555 , 2 SOPS, Bldg 400, Mod 11

17. Capt. Thomas Duffy, 567-3951, 2 SOPS

18. Capt. Stephanie McDiarmid, 567-6482, 3 SES, Bldg 400, Rm Mod 9

19. Tech. Sgt. Lorinda McDaniel, 567-2807, 3 SES

20. Staff Sgt. Shaun Reed, 567-2343, 3 SOPS, Bldg 400, MOD 20, Room 8

21. Capt. Von Drake.Ramos, 567-3661, 3 SOPS

22. Tech Sgt. April Simpson, 567-0599, 25 SRS

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