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Performers call communities to action

Photo by Angela Pauly. Up with People cast performs during a worldwide tour. The cast comes to Fort Carson Feb. 19-20.

Photo by Angela Pauly. Up with People cast performs during a worldwide tour. The cast comes to Fort Carson Feb. 19-20.

Story and photo by Rick Emert

Mountaineer staff

An international nonprofit performance program cast visits the Mountain Post Feb. 19 and 20.

The free performances by Up with People take place at 7 p.m. at the Special Events Center. The group last performed at Fort Carson in 2008.

Denver-based Up with People casts young people ages 17-29 from all over the world in a traveling show that promotes education and community involvement, said Erin Parrott, a promotion representative for the organization.

“Up with People is made up of 86 performers from 21 countries as well as students from all over the United States,” she said. “Most of the students have just graduated high school or university and are taking the chance to learn more about themselves and to give back to local communities.”

The goal of Up with People is to get communities involved in causes that mean something to them, Parrott said.

“For Up with People music is a way of giving back. Our show is extremely upbeat and the songs are inspirational,” she said. “The show we will be performing at Fort Carson is called ‘A Song for the World.’ This show encourages audience members to sing their own song and find what they believe in. We hope that we can encourage community members to find something that they believe in and stand up for it. We want the community to come together and hopefully spark them into action, so that they can better their community as well.”

The Up with People cast members get involved with volunteering in the communities they perform in. At Fort Carson, the cast will work with students at Abrams, Patriot and Mountainside elementary schools, facilitating a United Nations-created program called “Stand for Peace,” Parrott said.

Community members can participate in the Up with People experience by volunteering to provide housing or food for the performers, she said.

“The local community gets involved by housing the students for the week they are in town. We look for local host families for the students to live with during the week,” Parrott said. “The host families offer a chance for the students to get to know people in the community and offer many learning experiences. The local community also has the opportunity to donate food for the students during the week.”

Parrott said the cast is excited about visiting Fort Carson.

“For many of the students this will be their first interaction with the military,” she said. “This is an exciting experience for the students because they will get a small glimpse into military culture. We hope that the military members and their Families will enjoy the show.”

For more information about the show or how to volunteer, call Parrott at 720-272-2335 or e-mail

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