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96 cadets bound for grad school

Cadet 1st Class Christopher Horn examines an ionic liquid in a chemistry laboratory at the Academy March 15, 2010. Cadet Horn is one of 12 cadets selected to attend medical school after graduation. Photo by Johnny Wilson

Cadet 1st Class Christopher Horn examines an ionic liquid in a chemistry laboratory at the Academy March 15, 2010. Cadet Horn is one of 12 cadets selected to attend medical school after graduation. Photo by Johnny Wilson

By Academy Public Affairs


Oxford University of London, Pardee RAND Graduate School, MIT, Harvard, Purdue and Rice are just a few of the post-graduation destinations for 96 members of the Academy’s Class of 2010.

Brittney Morreale was one of only 32 U.S. students awarded a 2010 Rhodes Scholar and will begin her studies in England at Oxford University in the fall. Cadet 1st Class Bradford Waldie earned the Truman Scholarship and the Holaday Scholarship, and is also bound for Oxford University. Cadet 1st Class Austin McKinney is bound for the University of London in the United Kingdom after winning a Marshall Scholarship. Cadet McKinney is one of only 40 students in the United States awarded the Marshall Scholarship.

Several nationally competitive and endowed scholarships are sending graduating firsties off to schools in Europe and around the United States, including Gerhart Scholarship recipient John Rice to La Sorbonne University, France; Lawson Scholarship recipient Matthew Ross to the Naval Postgraduate School; Nutter Scholarship recipient Daniel O’Keffe to Purdue University; and Wolfe Scholarship recipient Franklin Nesselhuf to University of Northern Texas.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology awaits eleven graduates: Jay Beesemyer, Matthew Bradwick, Nicholas Carter, Thomas Chiasson, Jane Evans, Shane Fink, Daniel Fulcoly, Alexander Horrell, Matthew Knutson, Michael O’Conner and Benjamin Saunders.

Harvard University is the next stop for five graduates who have received scholarships to the John F. Kennedy School of Government: Michael Albert, Nathan Dial, Andrew Werner, Brent Whiteman and Aaron Widener, who received the Bradley Scholarship.

Three others earned the Superintendent’s RAND Ph.D. Scholarship at the Pardee RAND Graduate School in Santa Monica, Calif., for a doctoral degree in policy analysis: M. Tyler Haugseth, Jonathan Klenk and Haralambos “Bobby” Theologis.

The Class of 2010 was awarded two Fulbright Scholarships, the flagship international scholarship program sponsored by the U.S. government. David Corpman will begin studies in China, while Jarrod Huffman travels to India.

Rice University has seven engineering majors slated for grad school. They are Matthew Guertin, Eric Herbort, Millie Mays, Darren Montes, Anthony Puntel, Kathleen Schjodt and Thomas Sukut. Cadets Herbert and Mays are Draper Fellows and will conduct research at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

Additionally, 15 cadets were selected to begin general graduate work at the Air Force Institute of Technology in the Graduate School Program to study a wide range of technical fields, ultimately preparing them to become future faculty members at the Academy. These cadets are Ryan Forystek, Ryan Gaunt, Michael Koslow, Matthew Lipscomb, Matthew Ludwig, Gregory Masters, Lucille McMinn, Andrew McPherson, Jonathan Miller, Trevor Miller, Anthony Mitchell, Istvan Prileszky, Jason Shank, Robert Steigerwald and Katherine Wallace.

Through the Acquisition Accession Program, several cadets majoring in everything from biochemistry to engineering to behavioral sciences are bound for graduate school. This program sends graduating cadets to the Air Force Institute of Technology and select civilian universities. These cadets are Chloe Angello, John Avrett II, Samuel Barbaro, Andrew Beauchamp, Margaret Blackstun, Harris Butler, Aaron Canciani, John Cox, Berkley Davis, Simon Ferrel, Kevin Finster, Jack Fitzgerald, Austin Fritzke, Christopher Giacomo, Sara Juback, Christopher Killion, Shawn Killpack, Andrew Klausner, Jessica Schafer, William Shackelford, Danielle Snider, Jonathan Tellefsen and Wilson Tucker.

Five graduating cadets will continue their education right here along the Front Range. Wayne Black IV, Ryan Kerns, Mark Poppler, Gabriel Staples and Joseph Ulisse will begin their graduate studies at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Four graduating cadets have received the University of Maryland Scholarship at University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy. An important selection criterion is a continuing interest in public policy and service in the public sector and this program awards a master’s in public policy. Those cadets are Blake Duffy, Andrea Fantacone, Austin Krohn and Sean Peters.

Michah Paul and Trenton West will put their aeronautical engineering and research skills to work at the University of Washington, a top 25 engineering university, via the university’s aeronautical engineering fellowship.

Several of the graduating cadets have been tapped for medical school at institutions across the United States. They are Benjamin Fox, James Gullo, Charlers Haller, Theodore Hart, Christopher Horn, Daniel Hurtt, Kyle Maier, Christopher Ng, Alexander Paladino, Andrew Pan and Rexford Pearce. Additionally, Kelsey Yip’s post-graduation assignment is the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing.

As we remain engaged in two wars, we cannot lose our focus on the need to develop our future leaders. Army Gen. David Petraeus, current Commander of the U.S. Central Command and previous commanding general of Multi-National Force-Iraq, frequently points to his graduate educational opportunities as the most formative in his professional maturation. The deliberate development of the next general officers must focus on education and the 96 cadets mentioned above are continuing down a leadership growth path that prepares them for success in both the Air Force and joint environments. We must continually develop our intellectual capital if we expect to maintain our standing as the world’s best air, space and cyberspace force.

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