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New intersection proposed near Schriever West gate

Scott Prater

Schriever Sentinel

Drivers who enter Schriever from the West gate can expect to see changes occurring in the near future. The intersection at Irwin Road and Enoch Road will begin a transformation designed to improve traffic flow, especially during times of heavy usage. As a result, drivers who travel through the intersections of Irwin and Enoch Road and then Irwin and Hahn Road will undoubtedly notice construction crews as they renovate the two intersections into one larger intersection.

For now, the timeline for the renovation isn’t known as designers and engineers with the 50th Civil Engineer Squadron work through design and funding plans for the project. “We’ll know a lot more about the timing of the project soon, but for now the way the project works is: we’ll form our design and then go through the bidding process with construction companies,” said Robert Blevins, 50th CES Chief of Design. “As part of a contract we’ll develop a schedule and once we have that schedule in hand we’ll be able to inform people about the target date for breaking ground.”

When Schriever Air Force Base, formerly Falcon Air Force Station, was constructed in 1983 it had only one entrance, on the base’s north side. As the base populace grew through the years, more parking lots proved necessary and the parking area just west of the West entry control facility took shape. Along with it came Hahn Road, which acts as sort of an express lane at the parking lot’s outer edge. It runs from near the West gate north and eventually intersects Falcon Parkway near the base softball field. Inevitably, the two roads created a double intersection at Irwin Road, forcing drivers entering the base at the West gate to stop twice if they planned to park in the lot west of the portals. “The plan right now is to widen Irwin Avenue as it flows west from Enoch Road,” said Myron Jacobson, 50th CES project engineer. “We’ll also add turn lanes on Enoch Road approaching the intersection from the south and the north and widen the intersection where drivers turning off Irwin and heading south can merge into traffic.”

Again, the purpose of the renovation is to help traffic flow in the area.

“The key is to take Hahn Road out of the equation,” Mr. Blevins said. “Essentially, Hahn will be absorbed into the parking lot.”

The engineers were careful to say that plans for the new intersection have not been finalized as of yet, though the stop sign has already been removed to better traffic flow. Schriever personnel should be aware that construction projects on the two intersections could begin as early as the next few months and as late as spring of 2011. The 50th CES will continue to release information about the project as plans are finalized and a schedule is developed.

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