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Sex Signals coming to Schriever

By Staff Sgt. Patrice Clarke

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

Dating can be difficult, especially for military members. Do you text a person immediately after they give you their number or do you wait three days? Does “Do you want to watch a movie in my dorm room,” really mean just watch a movie? Those are just the verbal signs … what about the non-verbals?

Team Schriever members will get the chance to learn the answers to some of these questions during the Sex Signals Show, Aug. 16 at the Schriever Auditorium.

The two-person stage play gives all who watch a “real life, funny sort-of-improv show about sex and stuff,” according to show promotional items.

“The play has been described as an interactive show that explores the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of the dating scene,” said Paula Fraass, 50th Space Wing sexual assault response coordinator.

The 90 minute play begins by taking an irreverent and funny look at the awkwardness of dating as the actors represent each gender’s perspective, commented Ms. Fraass

“Through improvisation and audience interaction, the play explores how social pressures, unrealistic fantasies, power inequity, and false preconceptions of the other sex all contribute to the tensions often found in dating,” said Ms. Fraass.

The play is another way of tackling some of the situations presented to the SARC in sexual assault cases.

“Sex Signals was designed to respond to the challenge of offering a prevention program to give young adults a safe setting to have a candid conversation about the confusion and realities that surround dating, sex and ultimately non-stranger rape,” said Ms. Fraass. “The scenes enable audiences to recognize the true nature of rape and to place full responsibility with the rapist, however confusing they perceive the scenes to be.”

The play wraps up by allowing audience members to interact with the performers and toss out suggestions on how the situation could have been handled more appropriately.

“Sex Signals closes on an empowering note, encouraging the audience to both provide solutions for creating safer and healthier interpersonal sexual relationships and brainstorm how they could positively intervene as bystanders when they witness a friend or stranger in a vulnerable situation that could lead to sexual violence,” commented Ms. Fraass.

Though the play is primarily for young adults, 50th Space Wing leadership encourages all Team Schriever members to attend.

“This interactive training is a great tool to help all of us be better Wingmen regardless of our age, rank, or marital status,” said Col. Michael Mason, 50th Space Wing vice commander. “I encourage all members of Team Schriever to take advantage of this training opportunity.”

The show will be held Aug. 16 in the Building 300 Auditorium at three different times; 9 a.m., 11 a.m., and 3 p.m.

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