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Schriever hosts focus group for official AF motto

By 2nd Lt. Kris D. Walker

4th Space Operations Squadron

More than 30 Schriever members ranging from junior Airmen to lieutenant colonels sat down with an audio researcher to offer input in the effort of developing an official Air Force motto Aug 23.

Air Force Leaders have been seeking to develop an official motto to reflect the cultural identity and warrior ethos of all Airmen. To gather input as to what this war cry should be, a focus group has been traveling to several different bases, with Schriever AFB as one of the chosen few.

“The intent is to create a phrase that captures the spirit of the Air Force, is inspirational, and serves as an enduring rallying cry for Airmen, from Airmen,” said Air Force Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Carrol H. “Howie” Chandler.

In creating this motto, all MAJCOMs are to be considered to ensure an all-encompassing axiom that represents the Air Force as a whole. To date, 14 focus group discussions have been held at various locations.

Prior to the session, many of the Schriever focus group participants were not even aware of the Air Force’s lack of a motto or the intent to develop a motto.

“I actually thought ‘Aim High’ was the motto,” said Master Sgt. Porchia Brissett, 50th Space Wing commanders support staff and focus group member. “I was really surprised that there is no actual motto.”

Catchphrases such as “Aim high,” “Do something amazing,” “Cross into the blue” and “Above all” were all brought up, however these well known slogans and taglines are used more for advertising and recruiting purposes than camaraderie.

“I’m glad the Air Force is coming up with a motto, something that we can all relate to,” said Sergeant Brissett. “I really think it’s long overdue.”

Many different pre-conceived ideas were brought by the researcher for discussion and evaluation. The Schriever focus group members were also given the opportunity to offer their own ideas on what the motto should be.

The team will be traveling to other bases to get ideas from Airmen throughout the Air Force. The input and research process will eventually lead to a list of 10 candidate mottos that will be voted on by Airmen throughout the Air Force.

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