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A message from Diego Garcia

Commentary by Maj. Dennis Clark

22nd Space Operations Squadron, Det. 2 commander

I’d like to compliment the fine support I’ve received from Schriever AFB while stationed as the Detachment 2 commander on Diego Garcia. Do you know where Diego Garcia is located? It is often confused for being located somewhere near Portugal. But in fact it is 7 degrees south of the equator, directly below India. This geographically separated unit is exactly 12 time zones ahead of Colorado Springs. Located on the far side of the planet, one will not accidentally arrive on the 37 by 8 mile atoll. No, you have to want to go there.

As I write this article from my billeting room after having flown 23 hours from DG to the United States, one has time to consider what an amazing accomplishment it is that we have such an outpost. Moreover, being able to directly reach back, real-time to Schriever and receive top-notch support from SAFB is no small feat. When this GSU needs personal, financial, or logistical support, personnel at SAFB have been very willing to assist, especially after discovering from where I was calling. This fine display of excellence is very much appreciated by the GSUs whom you support. You have exemplified the Air Force Core Value of “Excellence in all we do!”

Plenty of individuals have devoted time and energy to expounding on AF Core Values, but the internalization of those values, when no one is looking, is what really makes serving in uniform worthwhile. Our AF Core Values help guide our thinking and shape our actions. These positive actions help us present a good image to the public and to our fellow Airmen. The dedication and professionalism of the SAFB team, truly reflects the AF Core Value of “Excellence in all we do.” The ancient Grecian philosopher Aristotle is credited with the idea of excellence as a habit. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” And I for one am very grateful for your “habit” of excellence, being stationed on this far GSU outpost.

The hurdles our military and civilian workforce has overcome are manifold. But, because we are a disciplined force we can afford to give our full devotion to the mission. The high caliber of people at SAFB, their conduct, character, and devotion to mission are the manifestation of this core value. Collectively the nation benefits from your excellence. It is no secret; we AF types are highly regarded by our nation for the excellence we display daily through our professionalism.

The AF Core Value of excellence bolsters your fellow Airmen. Being on the far side of the globe, your GSUs rely on this attribute for mission accomplishment. And as we all know, it is through the diligence of our Airmen the mission gets accomplished. But this value of excellence goes a step beyond just mission accomplishment. The truth is that in practicing excellence, we not only strengthen the AF but also the nation.

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