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50 FSS stays unbeaten; flag football champions

Gabe Moreno, 50th Force Support Squadron, gains yardage during the flag football championship game here Oct. 21. The 50th Mission Support Squadron narrowly defeated the Space Innovation and Development Center 20 to 19. (U.S. Air Force photo/Dave Ahlschwede)

Gabe Moreno, 50th Force Support Squadron, gains yardage during the flag football championship game here Oct. 21. The 50th Mission Support Squadron narrowly defeated the Space Innovation and Development Center 20 to 19. (U.S. Air Force photo/Dave Ahlschwede)

By Staff Sgt. Patrice Clarke

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

Not many teams can go undefeated throughout an entire season, post season and championship game. Only the National Football League’s 72’ Miami Dolphins have gone undefeated throughout the season and walked away from the big show a champion.

This isn’t the NFL … this is intramural flag football … but the 50th Force Support Squadron intramural flag football team earned that same distinction of going unbeaten when they slid past the Space Innovation and Development Center team 20-19 during the Schriever Intramural Flag Football Championship game Oct. 21.

With 1:45 left in the game SIDC took the field for one, final drive in an attempt to win or tie the game. Two dropped passes in the end zone garnered mixed emotions from the SIDC team. The first, a pass intended for an SIDC receiver was almost intercepted in the end zone by Ian Scott of FSS, but he was unable to hold on. The next Karl Seppa pass slipped through Jonathan Scholls hands and fell harmlessly in the endzone.

SIDC wasn’t giving up though, and FSS penalties put them right up to the endzone. A quick screen pass to Carl Driver, SIDC coach, got SIDC that much needed touchdown. With 35 seconds left in the game, and the score 20-19, SIDC made the bold move to go for the win and set up for the two point conversion.

“Our plan coming into this game was to win,” Driver said.

Unfortunately, their boldness did not pay off. A Karl Seppa pass to Alain Rodolosi was caught less than a yard away from the endzone. FSS’s Gabe Moreno pulled his flag on the one yard line ending SIDC’s chance for the win.

The beginning of the game had the looks of an FSS blow-out in the making.

Forty-four seconds into the game a pass from quarterback Bob Black to Marcus Hampton netted them a cool six points. The extra point by Aaron Kirchoff put them up by seven before the first minute had passed.

Immediately, FSS’s defense went to work stopping SIDC’s first drive of the game by breaking up a pass thrown by SIDC quarterback Seppa.

FSS came out for their second drive of the game hoping to keep the momentum going, but SIDC stopped that short when they intercepted a Bob Black pass on FSS’s second down.

Dropped passes plagued the SIDC offense on their drive after the interception. A long pass to Jay Worrell extended the SIDC drive and put them in the redzone, but a throw right into the hands Hampton of FSS stopped the SIDC drive cold, or so everyone thought. Penalties on both the offense and defense gave the ball back to SIDC on third down.

A quick screen to Worrell who walked into the endzone would have netted SIDC their first score but an illegal formation penalty on the offense brought it back to redo third down.

It was Terry Baxter of FSS who stopped the SIDC drive for good on fourth down with a good-ole fashioned quarterback sack.

“Terry’s a great rusher, I’ve played with him on downtown teams and he’s just amazing at what he does. As little and thin as he is, he just gets through those linemen and makes the play,” said Black.

Long throws by Black and penalties on SIDC put FSS 10-yards away from the goal line with one play left before the end of the half. FSS offense made that one play count when a Black pass connected with Scott in the endzone for the score. The extra point by Baxter put FSS up at the half 14-0.

SIDC came back after the half with scoring on their minds. With one pivotal third down conversion by Worrell, and one first down gaining run by Seppa, SIDC continued to march down the field. A Seppa pass to Scholl put SIDC on the board. A quarterback sack by Baxter stopped SIDCs extra point try, keeping the score close at 14-6.

FSS came back throwing long to Kirchoff for the first down and a 40-yard gain, but an illegal substitution on the offense brought that catch back. Short passes to FSS’s Gabe Moreno and Dustin Strickland marched FSS down the field again.

A Black pass to FSS’s Michael Power in the endzone lengthened FSS’s lead.

“He did a great job, this was probably only his second catch of the entire season but a good one because we scored,” said Black.

SIDC and Seppa answered back immediately throwing a perfect 42-yard spiral right into the hands of Craig Armogida. Seppa continued the drive by running 10 yards to get the SIDC first down and then capped his run game by running the extra five yards on the next down for the touchdown. A quick pass netted SIDC the extra point; closing the FSS lead to seven and putting the score at 20-13.

FSS had no answer to the SIDC score and turned the ball over on downs leading into the fateful drive that put SIDC just one point shy of the championship win.

“It was a great season,” said Driver. “Other than not winning it, we played some hard games and only got beat by FSS the entire season.”

The 19 points SIDC accumulated this game is the most any team has scored on FSS this seasn.

“They are a great team,” commented Black. “We have only given up 40 points all year. The 19 points SIDC put up today is the most points that have been scored on us all year. They are outstanding. Either team could have won this tournament today.”

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