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Satellite Dish is AFSPC Hennessy Award Nominee

By Staff Sgt. Patrice Clarke

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

If you notice the members working in the Satellite Dish dining facility have a little extra pep in their step or their smiles are a little brighter while they serve you rest assured they have good reason. The Satellite Dish dining facility was selected as Air Force Space Command’s Hennessey Award nominee for 2010 and will move on to compete at the Air Force level.

“The Hennessey Award for excellence is given to the best food service program in the Air Force,” said Chief Master Sgt. Bernadette Borders, AFSPC Services chief. “This year, without a doubt, Schriever’s facility showed us that.”

They earned the right to compete at the Air Force level after winning the AFSPC level which included a $10,000 award.

It wasn’t just the facility, but the entire process that impressed the judges.

“This team, the way they work together day in and day out really pleased us,” said Chief Borders. “You can tell that they weren’t just putting on a show because we were inspecting. This level of excellence is how they work day in and day out.”

Maintaining an outstanding level of excellence isn’t an easy feat for the busiest dining facility in space command.

“We don’t have a typical dining facility,” said Thea Wasche, 50th Force Support Squadron director.

Schriever’s dining facility is open to all enlisted, officer, DoD civilians and contractors on certain days; which equals out to about 322,000 meals a year.

“We try our hardest to accommodate the mission of Schriever,” said Ms. Wasche. “We know that our customers don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to food services on base so we try to give them as many choices as possible.”

Patrons can choose from multiple hot bars, salad bars, fish bars, snack lines and full menu hot items each day. With so many choices seamless operations are a must.

“Our folks do an outstanding job in that dining facility every single day,” said Ms. Wasche. “They work like clockwork. Every person in that dining facility knows what they are supposed to be doing at any given time and that equals seamless operations.”

To the folks who work in the dining facility, it’s all about the team.

“We have very limited turnover,” said Jack Riley, Dining Facility Contract owner/operator. “We really consider ourselves a family. We have continuous employee interaction. If we see someone struggling we try our best to pick that person up, because we know down the line we are going to need someone to do that for us.”

“It’s not just the Satellite Dish team that gets credit for the world class dining facility,” commented Ms. Wasche, “It’s leadership and the patrons that make our dining facility the best.”

“Team Schriever leadership supports us in every way,” she said. “Whether it’s serving a holiday meal or handling any issue that we might have, they are a big reason why the Satellite Dish is such an amazing dining facility.”

Schriever’s everyday mission played a part in the award and will hopefully be brought to the forefront when the Satellite Dish competes at the Air Force level.

“This dining facility does a tremendous job of supporting the men and women of Team Schriever, which in turn, supports the Schriever mission,” said Chief Borders. “The Satellite Dish is a tremendous dining facility and we at space command are very proud to have this dining facility representing us at the Air Force level.”

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