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Why I wear the uniform

Commentary by Airman 1st Class Andrew Young

50th Security Forces Squadron

This uniform I wear everyday symbolizes unity, honor, discipline, and heritage. When I earned the right to wear this uniform I felt an instant connection with all Airmen. I experienced what they went through, and soon enough, experience what they are doing now. Because I have this uniform, I will always have someone there for me when I need it most.

Every thread of this uniform is coated with honor. Brave men and women served and died so that future generations have the right to choose what they want to do with their lives. And I want to keep that going. I want to serve my country so that when I am no longer able to defend there will be others that volunteer to do the same.

The day I put this uniform on was the last day I would wear anything else. That’s because you never take this uniform off no matter what. I treat everyone as if I was still physically wearing my uniform. When I go anywhere, I’m confident, and I stand tall to do what needs to be done.

It was hard work getting to where I am now. My family sees a big difference in me.

This uniform, to me, also symbolizes heritage. I’m a third generation Airman. Being in the Air Force has been my goal for as long as I can remember. The best moment of my life was during my basic military training graduation and I saw my dad in his uniform walking towards me, with the biggest smile on his face. He told me he was so proud. And I am very proud to be following in the same footsteps as my father and my grandparents.

That is what the uniform means to me. From instant connection around the world to always being disciplined, to following in family footsteps. I’m very proud to wear this uniform.

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