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Law and Order

The following real-life events with real individuals from Schriever Air Force Base are to inform you of crimes, accidents, and events involving Schriever members. The following entries are selected from hundreds recorded in the Schriever Police Blotter.

**Editor’s note: Although the Schriever Sentinel staff may make light of some Blotter entries, the intent is to call attention to our security and law enforcement concerns. However, rest assured, our professional Security Forces treat each incident seriously.

Run Forrest…Run!

Life is like a box of chocolates…in this case, some alcohol filled chocolates. Two of Schriever’s finest went out for a night on the town and partook of a little bit too much in the libation department. But hey, that’s okay…they had a plan, unfortunately the plan was a tad flawed. Forrest and Bubba, knowing that it is illegal to drink and drive on a military installation, decided that they would do the smart thing. Instead of driving back to their dormitory; they decided to park their vehicle at the Visitor Control Center at Peterson and walk on the installation. Let’s take a moment to pause and reflect…drinking and driving is not just illegal on military installations sports fans, it’s illegal everywhere. Back to the story. Our inebriated friends approached the gate, displaying their intoxicated state for all to see…which really didn’t help their cause as the entry controllers also witnessed them drive into and park at the Visitor Control Center. When questioned on the matter, Forrest became belligerent with the guards…and ran off base, leaving Bubba behind. Bubba, realizing the predicament he was in cooperated with authorities and Forrest eventually got to answer for his crime. Word to the wise…and not so wise…drinking and driving is a crime folks….no matter if you do it on or off base.

Thou shalt not pass!

While sitting at home and enjoying a peaceful evening after a long day at work, a woman heard her cell phone ring in the other room. By the time she was able to reach the phone, the caller had already hung up; however, minutes later her message indicator lit up. While checking the message, all she could hear were muffled voices and what appeared to be the sounds of a heated altercation taking place. Fearing that someone was in danger of severe bodily harm, she called the Security Forces who, in turn, found the location of the caller. Fearing the worse, the cops immediately dispatched a patrol to their on-base residence to render aid. However, when arriving on scene they found it to be a false alarm. Instead of a “real” altercation taking place, this fight was taking place between a wizard and a troll. In the heat of a Dungeons and Dragons battle, Gandalf accidently pocket dialed (who knew wizard robes had pockets) the concerned citizen while attempting to vanquish a troll. Security Forces were able to ascertain that all was well in the land of Mordor and returned to regular patrol duties. Word to the wise…before engaging in battles with orcs or trolls, remove your phone from your wizarding robes or better yet, engage the key lock. For those of you who happen to receive messages from other worlds, continue to call SFS. Better safe than sorry…and SFS’s jurisdiction in most cases will cover both worlds.

Camping…Schriever style

Ever want to just get away from it all? Go see the purple mountains majesty…above the fruited plains. What better place than Colorado! Mountains…woods…streams…and all at our finger tips. Sort of makes you wonder why someone would decide instead to go camping in the west portal parking lot. After seeing an RV stationary there for a week, a concerned citizen called it in. SFS responded and after checks on the vehicle came back negative, an abandoned vehicle notice citation was issued which, in turn, caused the owner to surface (must have been out fishing at the drainage ditch). Investigation revealed that this was not a case of a camper trying to experience the wonders of Schriever, but a case of a broken down RV. The owner was given three days to relocate his vehicle to his approved storage slot in the RV lot. For the concerned citizen who called this in…our thanks to you. For everyone else out there, follow their lead. If you see something suspicious or out of the ordinary, contact Security Forces immediately. This time it was something innocent…but who knows what tomorrow may bring.

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