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Why I wear the uniform

Commentary by Airman First Class Jonathan R. Vargas

50th Security Forces Squadron

I wear the uniform because it brings me pride to follow the steps of the many brave Airmen before me who have given their all to ensure the freedom of the United States. I joined for many different reasons, college among the top. I sought the Air Force mainly to further develop my education but I also longed for something I could never find during my time in high school. In the Air Force I have found a sense of purpose, fulfillment and belonging.

What better purpose then to answer the call to serve your country as an Airman in the United States Air Force? Regardless of rank; purpose is what your efforts, attitude and mere presence bring to the mission as a whole. I’m only 19-years-old, and I can already tell everything, no matter how small the task, directly affects the Air Force mission as a whole. It is very fulfilling knowing our efforts impact the lives of Airmen and soldiers in the Middle East fighting those, who if had the chance, would bring the fight to our front door.

No one can measure the worth of a life, but those who serve in the military are definitely saving more lives than they could ever imagine. We are a family who takes care of our own and those who are in need. Only one percent of the American population joins the military, we belong to those select few who have risen to the challenge of defending this county.

I wear this uniform because it reflects the person I am. The core values that have been engraved in our very being are shown by those who wear the uniform with pride and dignity. Those men and women I am proud to say are my brothers and sisters; my new family.

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