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Observance recalls women’s struggles

The theme of this year’s event is “Our History is our Strength.”

The theme of this year’s event is “Our History is our Strength.”

by Kerstin Lopez

Mountaineer staff

Fort Carson community members joined in a celebration to recognize and honor women and the role they played in shaping the world.

The 2011 Women’s History Month Observance was held March 21 at the Wolf Dining Facility to pay tribute to women of the past, present and future, said Sgt. Amber Hargrove, equal opportunity leader, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division.

“We are here to celebrate all women … not one woman is more important than the other,” Hargrove said.

Jennifer Dodd, Olympic Education Program Lead and guest speaker, said the month-long observance is a chance for everyone to understand the struggles of women and to imagine what the future holds for women.

“I would be nothing if not for the blood, sweat, tears, sacrifices and prayers of the many mighty women who paved the path that

I currently now walk,” Dodd said.

The motivation and drive to climb the professional career ladder was made possible by the women that came before her, she said.

“I wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the passion and persistence of the principle-driven, unrelenting, freedom-fighting women who came before me. There would be no me … in fact, there wouldn’t even be the possibility of a me if not for the trailblazing women on whose shoulders I stand, on whose foundation

I build and on whose example I follow,” she said.

Dodd said the female population is an exceptional group of heroines who make a real difference. They are women who beat the odds, conquer challenges, drive innovation and lead with courage all the while maintaining the human race.

“In a statement from President (Barack) Obama, he said, ‘today, women have reached heights their mothers and grandmothers might only have imagined.’ This is true. It’s not a great testament to women’s turbulent history in this nation, but it does point to a triumphant reality today,” Dodd said.

This year’s theme, “Our History is our Strength,” was established to take a look back and to gain an appreciation for the struggles of women, Dodd said.

“I agree we draw tremendous strength from our history and the great women in it, but I also believe that the best is yet to come. So, as we pause to recognize the countless and priceless accomplishments and achievements of women and benefit from those life lessons and also reflect on the beauty of it all, let’s keep one eye on the past and the other on the future.

“I love reflecting on history, but what I love even more is creating history today and making the history of tomorrow,” Dodd said.

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