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Construction to continue on base

By Jennifer Thibault

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

Bull dozers and cranes are seemingly a common sight on the base these days as the wing continues to work through its to-do list of nearly 100 new projects focusing on safety and force protection, road expansion and building construction.

This summer will bring increased construction activity as potentially warmer weather will allow teams to break ground on new projects.

Construction, although needed to improve base infrastructure for this growing installation, may impact Team Schriever members’ daily routines and traffic patterns. To help alleviate some of the issues associated with disruptions to traffic flow and pedestrian accessibility, the 50th Civil Engineer Squadron will embark on an outreach effort.

“We want to inform base members so they plan ahead to help minimize any disturbances our construction will have,” said Robert Blevins, 50 CES chief of design. “We will have graphic displays of the construction projects in lobby areas of Buildings 210, 720 and 730, the north and west entry control facilities and outside the Satellite Dish, updated briefings online at, as well as conduct briefings to senior leadership to help ensure everyone gets the word.”

Many are already aware of the ongoing construction outside of Building 300. The next major project will involve the West Gate.

“This project is designed to provide enhancements to the existing check points to include an overhead canopy and individual guard booths,” said Myron Jacobson, 50 CES. “The project is set to start May 23 and to be completed by mid-August.”

During the construction of the canopy and shelters, incoming traffic at the West Gate will be detoured through the existing commercial vehicle search area and through the “rejection lane” for outbound vehicles. Temporary signage and pavement striping will be installed to provide direction in and around the construction site as needed.

Once the West Gate is complete, the project will transfer to the North Gate. More details will be provided as that project’s start date nears. In addition, the latest updates will be available at, click on the “Construction Zone” tab.

The construction planned for this year is three times last year’s projects and will total more than $25 million once completed. These projects will help the base meet the installation needs for the wing’s growing mission and community.

“In the meantime, we ask for your patience as we tackle these construction projects,” said Mr. Blevins.

For more information on the construction projects, contact Mr. Jacobson at 567-6193 or Wesley Huntsman at 567-3712.

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