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4th MRS gets ‘loose’

By Maj. Nathan W. Tarkowski

4th Manpower Requirements Squadron commander

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — As a result of this spring’s rash of natural disasters, members of the 4th Manpower Requirements Squadron wanted to find a way to help out those that have lost so much due to floods, tornados and earthquakes.

Second Lieutenant Jaleesa Pittman thought of a way to raise money within the squadron through a loose change fundraiser. Each flight competed to see who could raise the most money creatively.

Pittman got the idea from a fundraiser an Airman in Japan did for the earthquake and tsunami relief.

“I was really impressed by the amount of money that was donated and the volunteer hours that were given during Japan’s hardship,” Pittman said. After the tornados that stuck the southeast United States, she presented her idea to her commander and implemented the idea quickly.

“My main thought at the time was that even though we were not in the local area to lend a helping hand, we can still find a way to help the residents. It didn’t matter if they were military or non-military, my initiative was to send funds to the people in need,” she said.

In the end, thanks to the generous donations of the 4th MRS members and Pittman’s ingenuity, $675.43 was raised for the tornado victims.

“I knew that if I was in the same predicament as the tornado victims, I would want the same help too. Once we (4th MRS) collected all the donations from our fundraiser, we were amazed at how much we raised within two months,” she said. “I’m glad that I decided to execute this fundraiser idea and am very pleased with the incredible participation from each squadron member.”

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