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Veterans visit with MPs

Soldiers of the 110th Military Police Company, 759th MP Battalion, show reunion members from the 636th Ordnance Company a variety of weapon systems during a tour of the company area Aug. 12.

Story and photos by Kerstin Lopez

Mountaineer staff

About a dozen veterans and their Families traveled from across the nation to Fort Carson for a reunion Aug. 12.

Alan Brownstein, veteran and reunion coordinator, said members from the 636th Ordnance Company gather annually at different locations around the United States.

“This is awesome. I’ve made some new friends and we seem to all have a lot in common — brings back the old days,” said veteran Angela Swafford.

This year’s reunion, hosted by the 110th Military Police Company, 759th MP Battalion, included breakfast at the Wolf Dining Facility, attending a change of responsibility ceremony, touring the 110th MP company operations facility and concluded with a barbecue at Ironhorse Park.

Brownstein said the ordnance company was responsible for an area known as Site 59 in Clausen, Germany, which functioned as a chemical weapons storage facility.

The unit consisted of mainly explosive ordnance disposal specialists, medics, military police and sentry dog handlers and was considered unique because it incorporated a variety of military occupational skill sets for one mission.

He said the highly-classified mission was to provide security and movement of chemical weapons and agents such as chlorine, mustard gas, and VX and GB nerve agents. The 636th Ordnance Company inactivated in 1982 and the mission was deemed unclassified in the early 1990s.

The military policemen and dog handlers then became part of a new unit — the 110th MP Company.

During the reunion, the veterans reminisced about their days in the unit, expanded on their camaraderie and fostered new friendships with Soldiers and other reunion members.

“This is my first reunion — it’s wonderful,” said Michael Bacon.

“I love reunions. This is my second 110th reunion,” said George Wilson.

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