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TRX training hits Schriever

Seth Cannello, Schriever Fitness and Sports director, receives instruction from Dr. Joe Martin, Total Body Resistance Exercise trainer, on how to properly perform an oblique and hip exercise here Aug 26. (U.S. Air Force Photo/2nd Lt. Benson Oldmixon)

By 2nd Lt. Thomas Fow

4th Space Operations Squadron

In today’s fitness era, there is always room for a different type of exercise that not only works different muscle groups, but also sparks the desire to move away from traditional weights and machines. Being a member of the Armed Forces requires a fitness level that must be worked on constantly. If you are one of those people who are curious to try something different, then the Total Body Resistance Exercise, or TRX, bands might be for you.

Fitness center employees, as well as other unit fitness monitors throughout Schriever AFB, went through an 8-hour course that taught them virtually everything they need to know about training with these bands Aug. 26. During the training, participants completed a workout to truly understand the effectiveness of the product and how it can benefit the warfighter.

According to the trainers, the greatest benefit of this product is portability. With a total net weight of two pounds, these bands allow for an array of different body weight exercises that can be accomplished virtually anywhere. Traditional weights and machines do not have this ability.

So what makes this product different and more effective than traditional weights?

“Traditional weight training involves isolated muscle movements; the TRX suspension training forces integrated muscle movements,” said Dr. Joe Martin, TRX trainer. “This allows the athlete to work more muscle groups during one exercise which increases the efficiency of your workout.”

Fitness center employees here want to introduce this new workout to help warfighters reach their peak fitness potential.

“I knew it [TRX] was going to be good because I did some research prior, but after going through the workout I thought it was just incredible,” said Stephen Steinke, fitness assessment cell monitor here.

With the knowledge gained from this training day, the fitness center members can provide assistance to any Team Schriever member who wants to workout with this product.

The TRX workout allows not only the individual to obtain a great workout, but can be used as a unit building exercise, explained Bryan Studebaker, Air Force and First Responder Program Manager for TRX.

“We want this product to be available for use for squadrons and unit PT; this exciting new workout can be a great change to the sometimes mundane squadron PT workouts,” he said.

Not only does this product help the members in the military, but also their families.

The TRX suspension training is a good activity for daily living,” said Martin.

Team Schriever families can use these bands as a fun alternative when working out as well.

The TRX suspension training will be available for use at the fitness center, do not hesitate to take advantage of this new workout program.

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