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What your “LIKE” gets you

Commentary by Staff Sgt. Patrice Clarke

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

You see it everywhere now. Find us on Facebook, Like us on Facebook. More and more businesses, organizations and even people are requesting you to make their organization a daily part of your Facebook life. They lure you in with Facebook-only discounts, insider information, and as of recent, real-time changes to status updates of our favorite people, groups or businesses.

The 50th Space Wing is no different. We want you to “Like” our page too. No, you aren’t going to get 50 percent off entrance into Schriever (it’s free) and you aren’t going to get the deepest darkest secrets on wing leadership.

You will, however, get information. Much needed information about the happenings on Schriever, especially in times of extreme weather or crisis. Public affairs is dedicated to getting the information out to all who need it. That’s what we are here for. When events on base happen, we want to be able to get the information out to the public as soon as we can. Our Facebook page is one avenue that we are using to do this.

Recently, events at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, N.M. brought the fact home that “Liking” your base’s Facebook page could clear up misconceptions about incidents on base. During their incident, the base, including the schools on base, were locked down for safety and security purposes and that had a lot of parents concerned.

Their public affairs team did an excellent job of posting the information the public needed most on their page, as well as, answered as many concerned parents posts as they could.

Whenever incidents directly affect the Schriever community the public affairs office’s main mission is to make sure that the public is informed. We will continue to use our current avenues of getting the information out, but Facebook is another tool in our belt.

A study by OnlineSchools.Org shows that 48 percent of Facebook users, ages 18 to 34, check Facebook right when they wake up and about 28 percent of those folks check Facebook on their smartphone before even getting out of bed.

If you are one of the people in that demographic, “Liking” the Schriever page can come in handy, especially on those snowy Colorado mornings. Along with updating the Snow Call Line, all reporting delays due to weather will be posted on the site.

If you are a part of Team Schriever, the reasons to “Like” us just keep adding up. Even if you are not assigned or stationed here, you might have a friend or family member here. If you do, “Liking” our page will enable you to share in their moments.

Public affairs posts photos, stories, kudos, upcoming uniform changes and so much more on the 50 SW page. If you aren’t here to see your Airman promoted, no worries — we were there. We took the photos and posted them here for you to see.

So go ahead, give it a try, “Like” us on Facebook. You’d be surprised all the information your “Like” will get you.

Find Schriever Air Force Base on Facebook!/50spacewing.

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