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Schriever steps up recycling efforts

50th Civil Engineering Squadron

Now, more than ever, opportunities are available for residents and businesses to recycle. With the growing population it is becoming critical for everyone to do their part.

Recycling is an important way for individuals and businesses to reduce generated waste and its negative impact. Recycling conserves natural resources, saves landfill space, conserves energy and reduces water pollution, air pollution and green house gas emissions attributed to global warming.

Together, reducing, reusing, recycling and buying repurposed products make up a comprehensive waste and resource reduction strategy that benefits our natural world and economy.

As the largest user of energy in the federal government the Air Force is leading the way in advocating for conservation and green initiatives.

Locally, as part of the AF goal to reduce its carbon footprint Schriever has stepped up its recycling efforts by providing recycling bins in various locations around base to encourage others to participate in the waste and resource reduction strategy.

The 50th Civil Engineering Environmental Office is offering Rubbermaid containers for work centers from: Eight-gallon desk-side recycle containers to 50-and 95-gallon containers with wheels. Also available is a can crusher with container that can hold 300-400 cans.

Co-mingled, or single-stream, recycling bins will accept cardboard, metal cans, paper and plastics. Please ensure food debris is removed before placing any material in the recycling container. Never place batteries, fluorescent lamps or bulbs in any recycle or refuse container; these items can be turned in to Doug Chase, 50 CES Environmental Office.

“Schriever’s FY11 goal for solid waste disposal and recycling/reuse was 50 percent; sadly the actual amount recycled or reused was well below the goal, coming in at 32.4 percent. The biggest road block to meet this goal is awareness,” said Chase.

Last week, new recycling and refuse signs were placed on all dumpsters across base to address any confusion regarding which bins are for recycling. Smaller signs for indoor recycling and refuse containers will soon follow.

Last month, new roll-top containers for recycling toner and inkjet cartridges were placed among the recycling and refuse dumpsters located at Buildings 210 (west end), 300 (east end), 400 (south side) and 720 (southeast corner). Only toner and inkjet cartridges shall be discarded in the roll-top collection bins; any associated cardboard or paper shall be put in a co-mingled recycling container. For this waste reduction opportunity, personnel can also turn in toner or inkjet cartridges from home.

According to the Air Force Energy Plan it is imperative that the AF creates a culture that is aware of the carbon footprint left behind and still be able to produce combat power, yielding options for America.

For recycling containers or more information on recycling options contact Chase at 567-4242.

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