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Exercise gear a welcome holiday gift

By Walt Johnson


The holiday season means it’s time for gift-giving, spending time with family and preparing for the New Year.

The holiday season for many is a time to make a commitment to get in shape and that means starting a fitness program.

Today many people find it difficult to get to a gym or a fitness training facility on a regular basis because of demanding work and family schedules. That is why a gift that once would have been met with scorn has become a hot item to consider during this season.

“I think that when a person decides to give someone exercise equipment as a gift they should be totally aware of what the gift would mean to that person,” said exercise enthusiast Juanita Johnson. “It is not insensitive to give the gift to a spouse that you are helping to get in shape for medical reasons or to help them be the person they were before the years took a toll on our bodies it does. The key is to make sure that the gift will be taken in a positive way and not in the negative way it could be taken if you don’t present it as something to help the person be a better person and live a more healthy life.”

However times have changed an exercise equipment is now not on a level with cooking utensils for spouses as a gift. In fact with the advent of fitness lifestyles being so popular, home exercise equipment has actually become very popular to give as a gift.

Prior to the advent of healthy living, if you would have gotten people any type of fitness gift it would have been met with disdain and disbelief that someone would be as insensitive as to give someone a gift that suggests they are fat or not in shape. Today if you look in any catalog or store you will be hard pressed not to find health and fitness items. These items are not in one aisle but they usually have an entire section.

In this section of establishments you will find all types of workout equipment. Exercise equipment in fact has taken on a life of its own because it is no longer just for weight training or cycling it is actually designed now to give people incentive to begin and follow through on an exercise program. Today equipment cannot be basic and simple it must be multi-faceted and have the ability to help a person perform many different exercise tasking.

One of the things many people consider when buying exercise equipment is what is actually giving people the kind of workout and fun filled activity that will keep them wanting to sweat. Some of the more popular items at workout equipment stores are mini trampolines; jump ropes; adjustable kettle bells; Nike plus sport bands and balance trainers. Each of these items has the ability to give outstanding workouts. For example a trampoline is great for heart rate and balance training. Jumping rope is great for calorie-burning cardiovascular workouts. Kettle bells, which have been around for years, have been shown to burn more calories in a 20-minute workout as running six miles in an hour. Nike plus sports bands have sensors that will tell you how far, what rate and how long you have worked out in addition to how many calories you have burned with the workout. Balance trainers allow people to perform exercises such as step training, strengthening and balancing programs in addition to full body workouts.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg as far as exercise equipment to consider today. The above mentioned items are great for indoor workouts. But they are not the only types of equipment that can and should be considered when purchasing workout equipment.

Some of the other items that been shown to be just as popular with people include: Emergency contact wristbands; Stability balls; Waist belt with water bottle attachment; Bright-colored dumbbells; Aerobic step equipment; Foam roller; Yoga mats and carrier and home exercise DVDs.

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