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Abdominal circumference-focused pilot class hits Schriever

By Staff Sgt. Patrice Clarke

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

WARNING: Side effects may include resilience, stamina, improved Fitness Assessment scores, mental clarity, energy, self-confidence and much more interesting Friday nights.

This is the warning featured for a new class kicking off at the Health and Wellness Center Jan. 11.

The class called AC: Manage What You Measure (focused toward men) and Weight for Me (targeted toward women) is currently in its pilot phase at Schriever and four other Air Force Bases.

According to the program point paper the class is designed to help individuals seeking to lose and maintain their weight. This program helps participants identify personal goals along with a way to make behavioral changes to meet those goals. The course is open to everyone and is especially targeted to those Airmen who fail their fitness test due to abdominal circumference. The program was designed to be flexible, fluid and allow participants to enter the program at any time as each module stands independently.

Staff Sgt. Vanessa Arthur, Schriever HAWC noncommissioned officer in charge, will be facilitating the class and encourages all Schriever members to try this new avenue.

“This class discusses nutrition, physical activity and behavior change,” she said. “One thing that makes this class different from other classes is that it will also discuss how foods and physical activity effect genders differently when it comes to weight loss.”

The five-week class is broken into modules, to be delivered consecutively. Each module has a nutrition, physical activity and behavior change section with topics such as portion sizes, dining out, sleep, meal planning, plateaus and dealing with slips and stress.

“During this class there will be a lot more hands on and real life application, reducing the typical ‘death by Powerpoint’ class people are familiar with,” said Arthur.

The hands-on experience begins before participants even step into class. Prior to the first class, each participant must complete an Air Force pre-class assessment, a three-day food record (preferably to include one weekend day) and register at to self assess caloric levels. Participants must also arrive early to have an official weigh in, height and abdominal circumference taken prior to beginning the program.

“Participants can enter any class at any time,” said Arthur. “They do not have to wait five weeks for a new class to begin.”

The first class is Jan. 11 at 1:30 p.m. in the HAWC classroom and continues Wednesdays at the same time. Any member wishing to sign up for class should contact the HAWC at 567-4292.

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