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Community supports Soldiers, Families

John McCallum, left, accepts a certificate of appreciation from Maj. Gen. Joseph Anderson, commanding general, 4th Infantry Division and Fort Carson, during a Jan. 25 ceremony at the Soldier and Family Assistance Center. McCallum, a sales manager for Rampart Supply, Inc., delivered a check to Fort Carson officials for the new Ironhorse Fund, which will consolidate donations to the Mountain Post, making it faster and easier to distribute funds to those in need.

Story and photo by Andrea Sutherland

Mountaineer staff

Addressing a small crowd at Army Community Service Monday, Maj. Gen. Joseph Anderson, commanding general, 4th Infantry Division and Fort Carson, thanked Colorado Springs community members for their continued support of Soldiers and Families at Fort Carson.

Anderson joined ACS staff in accepting a $10,000 donation, which will benefit Soldiers and Families.

Don Addy, president of the National Homeland Defense Foundation has been working with Fort Carson officials to develop the Ironhorse Fund, a nonprofit that will help streamline large donations to the Mountain Post to better serve those in need.

“Our goal is to fill the gaps between what the Army can do and what the Army can’t do. We can be the fund that fills those gaps,” said Addy.

“The Ironhorse Fund takes the best of all the different (charitable organizations) that are out there and other donors … and funnels it into one organization,” Anderson said.

“We have 15 priorities of how we want funds to be dispersed in support of our Soldiers and our Families, which (includes) everything from wounded warriors, Gold Star Families, Family Readiness Groups, etc.,” he said, adding that a civilian board of directors and a team of volunteer accountants, lawyers and  marketing personnel will control the charitable organization’s day-to-day operations.

“All we have to do is as a unit say, ‘this is what we need,’ … and they approve it out of this pot of money from all the different sources of income and then they distribute it,” Anderson said. “It will make it more efficient, economic and probably more beneficial because of all the synergy gained. Instead of many people trying to help each of these entities by themselves, they’ll get collectively more support through an umbrella (organization) versus little, individual (charities).”

Addy said the Ironhorse Fund will officially begin operating soon.

Anderson visited the Soldier and Family Assistance Center Jan. 25 to accept a donation, which totaled $11,000.

“We’ve all benefited from Fort Carson,” said John McCallum, a sales manager for Rampart Supply, Inc., who presented the check. “It’s a win-win situation … There’s a lot of need and this is our way of helping.”

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