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Medical clinics moving into new areas

By Stacy Neumann

Medical Department Activity Public Affairs

As the Fort Carson Medical Department Activity completes some renovations and begins others, a number of clinics are moving in, out and around Evans Army Community Hospital.

Lt. Col. Timothy O’Haver, deputy commander for administrative services, said the upgrades are indicative of MEDDAC’s dedication to its beneficiaries.

“Over the last four years, we’ve invested more than $250 million in military construction projects to enhance our health care system. We’re doing the best we can for you,” said O’Haver. “We’re committed to providing world-class health care in state-of-the-art facilities.”

Beneficiaries may worry how they will find their familiar clinic if it has moved to an unfamiliar location. Major relocations include moving Behavioral Health out of the hospital into its own building while Warrior Clinic moves into the main hospital. O’Haver said MEDDAC is working to make the transition as seamless as possible for its patients.

“Our primary concern is continuity of care,” said Vincent Visuth, Evans’ chief of transitions. “During this time, we will keep clinic closures to a minimum. Patients will automatically be scheduled for the new locations and they will be told where they have to go as they make appointments,” Visuth said.

Moving signs will be posted before clinics move, some clinic staffs are handing out business cards with their new locations, hospital officials are posting directional signage throughout the facility and assigned staff will be available to help beneficiaries find their way. The majority of clinic phone numbers will remain unchanged.

The staff hopes patients will be pleased when they see and experience the renovated areas. Along with increased space designed for efficiency, many clinics also received upgraded medical equipment. For example, the audiology clinic has new audio booths and a rotary chair to test for ear imbalances.

“A lot of work went into making sure the layout of our health care delivery facility promotes streamlined access and patient centeredness,” O’Haver said. “We want our beneficiaries to leave with the confidence that they got the best care available and we remain their health care provider of choice.”

Patients may want to arrive at the hospital a few minutes early to ensure they get to appointments on time. Evans staff will do all it can to keep the transitions smooth and the standards of care high, Visuth said.

“The hospital staff’s main priorities during these transition phases are patient safety, satisfaction and continuity of care. Our commitment to that supports our goal to deliver care with honor,” he said.

This isn’t the last of the major renovations for MEDDAC. Preparations to renovate the fourth and fifth floor of Evans are under way. Those floors will be transformed to include an inpatient behavioral health ward and a series of single patient rooms to aid in patient recovery.

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