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Wing rewarded for successful streak

By Master Sgt. Kevin Williams

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

The 50th Space Wing is rewarded with a day off Friday for an impressive streak: surpassing 180 days without a driving under the influence charge.

To show his appreciation, Col. James Ross, 50 SW commander, is giving the wing a day off and is sure everyone will continue to make the right choices to keep the wing DUI-free.

In an e-mail to the entire wing, Ross said, “It is with great pleasure that I congratulate you all for going 180 days without a DUI! Your leadership, teamwork and wingmanship helped us get to this point. I am very proud of your continued efforts to look out for each other. I’m also proud of those of you who drink for doing so responsibly.”

Other Schriever leaders agree that leadership and being good wingmen contributed greatly to achieving this milestone and they hope to see the trend continue.

“This achievement does not occur without active leadership at all levels,” said Chief Master Sgt. Patrick McMahon, 50 SW command chief. “It starts with leaders clearly leveling expectations and our people truly looking out for one another. Individuals are making smart decisions by executing a well thought out plan and not taking unnecessary chances. It’s a total team effort and it shows.”

Master Sgt. William Thomas, 50th Security Forces first sergeant and Schriever Diamond Council president, agrees with the chief and expressed his pride in the wing’s accomplishment.

“We as leaders have been highly proactive in getting the word out,” he said. “The wingman concept is being used extensively by first-line supervisors who are engaged on duty and off duty. I recently had a group of Airman doing some training and I thanked them for doing the right thing … keeping fellow Defenders from making mistakes with DUI or problems with alcohol.”

Master Sgt. Chad Pryor, 50th Network Operations Group first sergeant, saw wingmanship at its finest and witnessed one Airman stepping up for another.

“During our holiday party in December, a young Airman approached me to say ‘First Sergeant, I had too much to drink.’ Before I could step in with options, another young Airman stepped up and said, ‘I’ve been watching him the whole night, and I got it shirt.’ That wingman ensured that Airman got home safely,” he said. “We believe this type of wingmanship is a huge factor in why the wing is at six plus months, and the 50th Space Communications Squadron is at 24 plus months (without a DUI).”

Although leadership is proud of this 180-day accomplishment, Airmen are reminded to continue to look after each other and keep the streak going.

“We still need leadership at all levels looking out for each other,” said Ross. “From first-term Airmen to commanders, we need to remain vigilant, make smart decisions and look out for one another. Let’s continue to make Schriever DUI-free through 2012.”

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