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Substitutions for a healthier life

By Staff Sgt. Patrice Clarke

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

As National Nutrition Month continues throughout March, Schriever members have learned how to choose healthy options at the drive-thru and how to grow their own healthy produce. But not everyone wants to always eat out and what do members do with that fresh produce they just grew?

Healthy home cooking is the answer. The problem remains that many people still have those favorite recipes that call for all of the fats, oils and sugars that are the main culprit in unhealthy eating.

Christina Stump, a community readiness consultant at the Airman and Family Readiness Center here, has lots of recipes from family members and friends and though they call for fats and sugars she substitutes ingredients.

“I have like hundreds of recipes,” said Stump. “My best friend put together a cookbook with recipes from family and friends. Many times, I’ll make adjustments to them depending on what I have in my pantry.”

Stump commented that making a simple change from canola or vegetable oil to olive oil when frying makes all the difference and decreases unhealthy fat intake.

“When I bake, instead of adding a cup of sugar in a recipe, I might add a banana,” said Stump. “It cuts down on the sugar significantly and still gives the recipe that sweet touch.”

Trying out the healthy substitutions is important to Stump and it’s what makes the process enjoyable for her.

“It really puts the fun in cooking,” said Stump. “People are always looking for ways to be healthy and this is a fun, interesting and tasty way to do that.”

When 1st. Lt. Ivonne Charbonneau, 50th Space Wing Commander’s Action Group chief, began seriously cooking in 2008 she began to try out the art of substitution.

“My sister sent me a bunch of recipes that had some really great substitutions,” said Charbonneau. “For example, instead of using beef, use lean turkey and other substitutions like that.”

Her favorite substitute is canned pumpkin instead of eggs and oil in a cupcake recipe.

“My sister made these cupcakes she called Point Cupcakes,” she said. “It’s a chocolate cupcake and it is so moist. The pumpkin keeps it moist for the longest time.”

When baking, Charbonneau also substitute’s banana for every stick of butter used.

“It does give the cookies a slight banana taste but they are really good,” she commented. “I like trying out healthy ingredient substitutes. I love sweet stuff and it makes me feel better for eating my sweets if I am eating a healthy substitute.”

The Mayo Clinic website offers a more in-depth list of ingredient substitutions for healthy recipes.

Some of those include substituting turkey bacon for bacon and applesauce or prune puree for half of the recipe’s called-for butter, shortening or oil. The website also suggests substituting brown rice, wild rice, bulgur or pearl barley for white rice and herbs, spices, citrus juices, rice vinegar, salt-free seasoning mixes or herb blends for table salt.

To see the entire list, check out the website For more information on healthy recipe substitutes call the Schriever Health and Wellness Center at 567-4292.

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