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Peterson federal employees workers compensation moves to Randolph

From 21st Force Support Squadron

PETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. — In February 2010, the Air Force launched a six-month pilot program to centralize the injury compensation program at the Air Force Personnel Center. During this pilot program, the AFPC IC office assumed injury compensation program administrator responsibilities for four identified bases. The AFPC IC staff streamlined and refined the centralized operation with standardized processes. By being dedicated solely to the IC program, they also improved IC case management and worked directly with the pilot bases to develop standardized reports to be used for the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act workgroup meetings.

Based upon the success of the pilot program, it was decided that AFPC IC would centralize all IC operations for the remaining 78 Air Force bases. Peterson AFB will be included in the next step of IC centralization effective April 9.

The Air Force Injury Compensation Program is based on the FECA. FECA provides compensation benefits to Federal civilian employees who sustain a work-related injury or occupational disease while in the performance of duty. FECA also provides compensation benefits to surviving dependents, if a work-related injury or disease causes the death of an employee.

The AFPC Injury Compensation office, with a staff of HR Specialists with extensive experience in injury compensation, will assume injury compensation program administrator responsibilities for your base. The major change for you is that your supervisor, not the base ICPA, will be your main point of contact.

Several documents created to assist you in the transition to centralized servicing at AFPC for injury compensation are being sent out to the workforce. Information is also available on the Air Force Personnel Services website at Once you log in, search for injury compensation. If you still need assistance, call 800-525-0102, press 2, then press 3 for injury compensation.

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