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Schriever goes wireless

By 50th Space Communications Squadron

Did you know there is a new wireless local area network available at Schriever AFB? It is called 2GWLAN.

The Combat Information Transport System Program Management Office from Hanscom AFB, Mass., recently completed installation of standardized wireless services at Schriever.

The wireless service is part of the Combat Information Transport System initiative to modernize communications and information infrastructure. This program is designed to give each Air Force base a standard, secure wireless computing environment.

“The Air Force recognizes that mobile computing capability is growing,” said Marvin McLean, 50th Space Communications Squadron project manager. “And that implementation must integrate with the current CITS architecture to provide assured, available and accountable communication.”

Wireless network service is available in Bldg. 210, wing and mission support group conference rooms; Bldg. 220; Bldg. 300/301, network operations group and operations group conference rooms; Bldg. 406, 310th Space Wing conference room; Bldg. 600, conference room; Bldg. 620, 632, 640, 650 and 780 warehouses.

“This project brings Schriever into the 21st century of secure, fast, wireless connectivity computing,” said Wardell Adams, 50 SCS flight chief. “This is useful to the 50th Space Wing community by making daily administrative duties easier and executable from multiple locations other than at their desktop.”

The range and locations of the new Wi-Fi system are intentionally limited due to current program contract and security requirements. Outdoor web surfing is not available, and only government-issued laptops will be able to access the wireless system for remote computing. Individuals who come to Schriever on temporary duty can also use the wireless option in one of the 2GWLAN-equipped conference rooms.

If interested in taking advantage of the new capabilities call 567-2666 and open a ticket through the Enterprise Services Desk. Once the ESD transfers the ticket, a local customer support technician will contact you to configure the wireless connection on the user’s government-issued laptop.

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