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Jeanne Chandler visits FRG leaders

Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond F. Chandler III and his wife, Jeanne Chandler, address Fort Carson Soldiers and Family members on the importance of professionalism and the role of the noncommissioned officer in meeting and exceeding Army standards, during a town hall meeting at McMahon Auditorium, May 2.

By Staff Sgt. Christopher Jelle

3rd Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs Office, 4th Infantry Division

Jeanne Chandler, wife of Sgt. Maj; of the Army Raymond F. Chandler III, met with unit Family readiness group leaders throughout the 4th Infantry Division, May 2-3.

During a meeting with the FRG leaders of 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, Army spouses discussed their unit’s Family support programs and addressed challenges to the spouse of the Army’s top senior enlisted leader.

“We appreciate what she is doing by coming down to the company level to see what we’re doing on the frontlines of FRG and how that can be taken up to higher levels, and make big changes in the Army,” said Kellie Matack, FRG leader for Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, 3rd BCT.

The topics of discussion ranged from the life of a typical military Family to child care services, housing situations, installation services and FRG programs. The spouses shared their thoughts on what they considered the best benefits and programs available to Fort Carson Soldiers and Families, and how those thoughts and ideas could be shared with other military installations.

“I think (the visit) states that they’re interested in hearing the whole Army,” said Wendy Packard, FRG leader for Company A, 3rd Special Troops Battalion, 3rd BCT. “No matter where you are in the Army … they want to know what is going on throughout the (service) and not just at headquarters.”

Packard said it means a lot to her, as a newly-appointed FRG leader, to have the Army’s top leadership personally visit with units and their Families.

“It lets me know that we’re not just out here by ourselves, and that they’re looking out for us and want to take care of us,” said Packard.

Jeanne Chandler said she likes to meet with the FRG leaders at the company level because they are the ones who can best comment on how things are going.

“They are the ones who are in the fray; they have endured multiple deployments, and they are the conduit of information to the spouses,” she said.

Spouse participation in the FRG programs cultivates Army communities that support the needs of Soldiers and their Families, Jeanne Chandler said.

Jeanne Chandler said she wants to personally thank all of the spouses who serve as FRG leaders, calling them “true American heroes.”

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