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50 CES keeps Schriever warm with new boilers

By Staff Sgt. Patrice Clarke

50th Space Wing Public Affairs

Gary McMullen, a contractor, helps position a new boiler unit on its foundation in the base powerplant during installation Tuesday. The new boilers have more than 400 horse power and can produce around 100 pounds per square inch of steam. (U.S. Air Force Photo/Dennis Rogers)

The 50 CES upgraded two of the four, 400-horse power boiler units with newer models this month.

The two older models that were replaced were installed more than 26 and 18 years ago, respectively.

“It was time for the replacement,” said Master Sgt. Eric Knight, 50 CES facility systems section chief. “These boilers provide a needed amenity to Schriever members.”

That amenity is steam.

“The new boilers can produce around 100 pounds per square inch of steam,” said Knight.

The fire-tube steam boilers work by burning natural gas and sending the exhaust through a water tank. The water then takes that heat and becomes steam. The steam is then transferred to the different facilities serviced by the central utilities plant.

“The new boilers will ensure a more reliable delivery of steam to all of the facilities tied into the plant,” said Tech Sgt. John Muelhausen, 50 CES central utilities plant section chief. “This ensures continuous hot water, heat and humidity control to the operations floors with temperature and humidity sensitive computer systems.”

Though executing the Schriever mission is the first priority, taking care of the environment is also a high priority. The new boilers have features that make them more energy efficient than the older models.

“These new boilers burn cleaner than the old boilers,” said Tech Sgt. John Muehlhausen, 50 CES. “They have a more advanced control system to monitor and control the burn rate; making them more efficient and better for the environment.”

The boiler replacement will soon be complete, but Schriever members will see no impact as the transition is seamless.

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